Save it for a Rainy Day


(Anna) Jumpsuit: Urban Outfitters (similar) // Bomber: American Eagle (similar) // Bralette: Aerie // Shoes: Vans //  Lippie: Colourpop
(Chelsea)  Dress: Z Supply // Shoes: Adidas // Backpack: Vintage Coach (Similar) // Lippie: Mellow Cosmetics

We’ve had a rainy couple of days here in SC and while we would love nothing more than to curl up on the couch and watch Netflix all day, the hustle must go on. So on days like these, we make sure to wear something a little more comfy than usual. (And for two girls who have perfected the “casual chic” look, this was fairly easy to do)  We are forever saying we need to change up our wardrobe’s, yet somehow we have more casual looks than any normal person should! It’s okay though, we are still continuously finding ways to get through life one casual outfit at a time!

Okay so first thing’s first, this Silence & Noise jumpsuit is worth every pretty penny because (duh!) it is the ultimate cozy clothing item. (especially since it’s a soft jersey material) I mean, you might as well be wearing pajamas. And then there are these leather slip-on Vans that are a rainy day necessity. Not only are they trendy but they’re also super practical for the on and off rainy weather in the South. Seriously, just imagine wearing rain boots when it’s 80+ degrees outside and the humidity is suffocating. We strongly advise that you invest in these shoes, you’ll thank us later!  Another good go to for us is this Z Supply dress.  It comes in multiple colors and is super soft!  This is the best thing about Z Supply, all of their items are super soft and very cozy. Be sure to check them out for all of your casual wardrobe needs!

So go throw on a similar look and pair it with your perfected no makeup, makeup look and you’re ready for the ultimate day filled with running errands. (or if you’re anything like us, you’ll just wear this to work too!)

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