The End Game: Pretty Little Liars Finale Recap

It’s the end of an era and boy are we sad to see it go.  Last night was the series finale of Pretty Little Liars and it was intense. We’ve both followed PLL religiously throughout the years.  It has been the one show that can make you so happy and so frustrated all in one episode (ugh so many emotions).  From every Halloween special to the 5 year time jump and pretty much anything concerning #Haleb (GOALS) we have loved it all. As every season ended and we always knew just who A was going to be, we were then thrown through another rabbit hole.  We watched last night’s finale closely in hopes of find out who A is and feeling some sort of closure (but as long as our favorite couples ended up together, we knew we would be okay).  So, with that all being said, here’s what we thought of the final episode…

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the finale yet, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

We started out the episode super confused (whats new?), but as always, everything started unfolding and almost all of our questions were answered (including how the mom’s got out of that damn basement in season 6).  First thing’s first, TOBY’S BACK(!!), and still clearly in love with Spencer.  Although they are not our number one favorite couple on the show, this was pretty exciting since Toby has been MIA almost all season.  Then we go to Caleb and Hanna who are in a rough patch (ugggghhhh) because Hanna decided to help Mona out even though Mona tried to kill her in last weeks episode.  We knew that there was no way they could NOT end up together, right?  Eventually Hanna came to her senses about Mona and Haleb became couple goals once again.  Moving on to Ezra and Aria, who throughout the entire episode were preparing for their upcoming wedding!  They had their ups and downs (we’ll get to that shortly), but ultimately ended up saying “I Do” at the end.  Lastly for the couples, we have Alison and Emily who are currently raising twins (?).  And as much as we both didn’t love Ali’s choices throughout the series, her proposal to Emily was super sweet!

Now for the good stuff.  There were a lot of twists and turns in this episode (per usual), that eventually helped tie up loose ends.  To address the elephant in the room: SPENCER HAS A TWIN?!?!?! How crazy was this?  Although now that we think back, it makes sense considering Mary Drake and Jessica DiLaurentis were twins.  But did they really have to do us like this?  I mean first of all what was with the British accent?  It just wasn’t really necessary.  But anyways, the whole Alex/Wren love story was a rollercoaster in itself.  From how they met, to Wren’s instant obsession with her, to Alex casually sharing with Spencer that she murdered him, this was just all a lot.  But it didn’t end there.  Alex’s obsession with Spencer and the other Liars drove her to kidnap Spencer (as well as Ezra when she discovered he knew too much), and held her hostage while pretending to be her.  She also did everything to replace Spencer in her rekindled relationship with Toby.  But in the end, the Liars, with the help of their significant others, were able to outsmart Alex and save both Spencer and Ezra from the creepy underground “do it yourself dungeon.”   The show comes full circle first by Mona keeping Mary and Alex Drake in her own personal dollhouse.  Then we soon realize the circle is complete when the final scene leaves us with yet another mean girl gone missing from a sleepover and four young girls left to solve the puzzle.  Wow!  So many emotions, we just can’t even!  As sad as we are to leave Rosewood behind, we are happy that the Liars have moved on and are all at a good place in their lives (especially Hanna and Caleb).  If you enjoyed last nights PLL series finale as much as we did, let us know in the comments below!

Until next time Bitches,

A & C

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