How to Style: A Bandana

Hey y’all,

We have had a busy week planning for our Fourth of July beach trip and although the time is finally here for us to be sitting in the sun and sipping on fruity drinks, we are still trying to get all of our ducks in a row so we can finally relax! (but let’s be honest, when do we ever have our shit together?)  As we were {over} packing for our trip, one thing that we noticed we have really been obsessing over lately is accessories.  We are both extremely simple when it comes to our outfits, (it’s our attitudes that make us a little extra) so we have really been relying on accessories to amp up our wardrobe!  One accessory that we have really been loving lately is a bandana!  They can be worn so many different ways and go with so many different looks that they tend to be the perfect add-on to any simple outfit.  We created four different looks with bandanas perfect for anyone looking for a new way to accessorize!  Let us know what you think!!

1. The Choker

anna edit

The 90’s are back and we couldn’t be more excited about it! And because chokers are such a huge trend, why not find new ways to rock them? This is a super quick and easy addition that makes any outfit seem like it took hours to put together (even if it’s just a t-shirt and jeans).

2. The Headband


On those days when you just can’t with your hair but really want to wear it down this is the perfect solution.  We are both repeat offenders when it comes to tossing our hair up in a ball cap on a bad hair day or even just a lazy hair day, so this has been our go to solution lately.  Not to mention you can buy a bandana in pretty much any color, so they will go with almost any outfit!

3. The Cuff


We’ve been obsessing over moto styles recently. This cuff is the perfect accessory for an all black outfit and because its such a statement piece, you don’t have to worry about any other accessories! Not to mention you’ll look like a total badass!

4. The Cowgirl


This is the perfect accessory for hiding your face in the dusty desert of any summer festival, but when the festival is over, we come home and find new ways to rock a cute bandana this way!  We have been loving to wear a bandana like this with a plain t-shirt or cotton trapeze dress to spice up our outfit a little!


Until next time,

A & C

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