4th of July Beach Trip

You know that dreaded moment everyone has when your vacation is over and you have to reenter the real world once again?  That is where we are.  Just sitting here, looking at pictures from a weekend filled with nothing but good times and tan lines, (cheesy, we know, but it’s so true!) mentally planning our next getaway.  But until then, we want to share with y’all just how epic our 4th of July Beach trip was!


The first day was pretty low-key. We stopped by the super small local grocery store to stock up on the essentials (snacks and piña colada mix) and then we spent a few hours at the beach wave surfing and day drinking. After that we treated ourselves to dinner at a local seafood restaurant, played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity, and then called it a night (not super eventful, but we were just getting started!)


On day two we went to brunch at a local diner and then we headed to the beach once again (what can we say… it was calling our names). After a few hours at the beach we decided to go on a group bike ride to explore the island (some of us enjoyed the experience more than others… those bike seats hurt like a beach AMIRITE?!) Then we got started on our delicious dinner: Beaufort Stew! The first two days of the trip were pretty laid back, so by the time July 4th came we were ready to celebrate!


Tuesday was the day we were all waiting for {FOURTH OF JULY} and it started out, you guessed it, at the beach! (but really though, there isn’t much to do on Edisto Island BUT go to the beach).  So anyways, we got a pretty early start (low-key excited to rock our new bathing suits we got for the occasion which were not only festive but super affordable.  You can find Anna’s one piece here and one similar to Chelsea’s here), spent the morning in the water, (very impatiently) waiting for the annual fly over.  This was pretty cool to watch, there were a few F16’s, a C17, and a bunch of vintage war planes that cruised down the SC coast, starting in Cherry Grove.  After that we caught a few rays while snacking and listening to music.  We later packed up and headed back to the house to shower and grill out before that night’s firework show!

IMG_4458IMG_5461IMG_5496 copyIMG_4520IMG_4529IMG_4554IMG_4542

We decided to make the most of the holiday and do as many things as possible.  One of the most beautiful places on the Island is Botnay Bay road, so we just had to stop by for a quick photo-op.  Later that night we headed to the end of the Island for an awesome firework show where we managed to not only get chewed up by mosquitos, but also get some really great pictures of the fireworks!! (like the ones Anna’s boyfriend took above).  We ended the night by sitting on the couch saying we were going to watch Moana, but falling asleep instead (typical).  The final morning was spent dragging our feet to clean up and pack our bags, not wanting to head home but ready to see our pups!

Overall this trip was a great getaway for us to just relax and destress! Edisto was real good to us and we hope to go back soon! But for now it’s back to the real world, wishing we were day drinking without a care in the world.

Until next time,

A & C

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