Top 10 Under $50: One-Piece Swimsuits

We are in the midst of swimsuit season and as much as it sucks having to get “bikini ready” the “new” one piece trend has allowed us to slack a bit when it comes to hitting the gym (but not too much).  We have both been purchasing one piece swimsuits left and right and with no shame what so ever! We decided that since we can’t buy every swimsuit we see, we might as well round up our favorites and create somewhat of a guide to share with y’all! And in true A&C fashion, all of these bathing suits are under $50! We hope y’all love these swimsuits as much as we do, enjoy!


1. Mossimo Women’s Lace Up One Piece – We both own this suit and it is definitely one of our favorites!  The lace up is trendy and the color is the perfect neutral for everyone.  Target is a go to for pretty much anyone when it comes to bathing suit shopping. They always have the best mix and match pieces, so when we saw they were now selling cute one pieces we were thrilled!

2. Vince Camuto Lace Up One-Piece Swimsuit – It’s all in the details and the lace-up sides on this suit are to die for! In our opinion a basic suit with cute details is the most ideal for hanging out at the beach or by the pool! PSA: you might want to snag this one quick, Nordstrom Rack is having a huge sale right now so we aren’t sure how long the price will be this low!

Tropical/Floral Printed:

3. Aerie Voop One Piece Swimsuit – The ‘voop’ neckline is one of the newest styles from Aerie and we’re loving it, it’s like the original scoop neckline but it comes to a slight V shape (such a minor change but it looks so flattering)! Aerie is one of the best places to buy swimsuits if you’re on a budget because they always have insane sales! And one of the best ways to be adventurous with your swimsuits is to get them in a fun print like this one!

4. Missguided Tropical Print Lace Up Swimsuit – This suit is not for the faint of heart! The print on this bathing suit is super cute and the lace up front adds the perfect amount of flare!


5.Aerie Ruffle One Piece Swimsuit – Ruffles are one of our favorite trends and this bathing suit is no exception! This swimsuit is the epitome of “business in the front, party in the back” and we love it!!

6. South Beach Ruffle Off The Shoulder Trim Swimsuit – This suit has us wanting to throw a fiesta! The bright color and embroidered trim make this the perfect party suit! Go ahead, splurge a little on this one and then grab the chips and salsa so you can make the most of your next pool party!

80’s Vibes:

7. Cupshe Come With Me One Piece Swimsuit – Okay y’all, short disclaimer, if you’ve never ordered from one of these “pinterest” clothing companies, be warned.  Things do not always end up how they look in the picture, especially when it comes to sizing.  The number one thing we can suggest when ordering from is READ THE REVIEWS!!!  We can however say that the stuff on these sites are so cute and so cheap that sometimes its worth the risk!  This particular suit is so cute and the cut outs on the side are super popular, so the fact that it is only $23.99 makes it so worth trying!!

8. Rave Rebel Sun’s Out Bun’s Out One-Piece High Cut Swimsuit – Swimsuits with clever phrases are such a huge trend at the moment so we just had to include this one! The bathing suit itself is pretty simple so it’s a great addition to any swimsuit collection!

Adventurous Minded:

9. H&M Swimsuit with Embroidery – Embroidery may seem a little scary for a bathing suit to some but it is definitely a risk we are willing to take to look cute at the pool this summer.  This bathing suit is all about the details and we are loving it!!

10. BCA Free To Be One-Piece Swimsuit – This one piece is out there, with all of the patterns and colors, but we are loving everything about it!  It may not be for everyone but it is perfect for anyone wanting to make a statement at the pool or beach!
Let us know what one pieces y’all are rocking this summer in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

A & C

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