Ipsy Review: July 2017

Hey Y’all,

As much as fashion is our first true love, our mutual love for beauty has been growing more and more as the months pass and this is partially (a lot) due to Ipsy.  If you don’t know what Ipsy is, clearly you’ve been living under a rock (just kidding, but not really).  It is a beauty subscription service where you get 5 deluxe sample sized products for only $10 a month.  It is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to you if you are ballin’ on a budget like us.  It allows you to try new products without having to buy the full size product!  However, if there is one thing we can “warn” you about Ipsy, it is that you may not always love what you get in your bag.  But as we have learned in the past, that is okay, because the following month you might hit the jackpot!!! (PSA: this month just so happened to be one of those bad months for BOTH of us, so sorry if our reviews are a little ehh…)  As always, be sure to let us know what you think! (or if you are also part of the Ipsy Squad, let us know what you’re loving out of your bag this month!)


anna edit

Beau Gåchis Illuminator Brush:  I’m definitely not mad about getting this brush in my bag this month! My philosophy is that you can never have too many makeup brushes so I’ll gladly accept them! The one thing I’m not sure of is how I would use this brush. The brush is meant to be used as a highlighting brush and I might use it for that (maybe…) but I have other highlighting brushes that I’m in love with so finding a use for this brush might be a challenge for me. Although I will say that the quality of this brush is top notch. I’ve also received brushes by this brand in previous Ipsy bags that I’ve really enjoyed!
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  beautifulipster30 (for 30% off your Entire Purchase)

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea deep dive cleansing gel:  I’m sad to say that I have not tried this product yet due to my fear of trying new skin care products.. My skin is extremely sensitive and I’ve just recently nailed down a routine that works for me so I’m a chicken when it comes to trying new products on my skin! But I have heard good things about this product and Tarte has never disappointed me in the past! I mean.. it has a 4.7/5 star rating on the Tarte website (with 378 reviews) so I’d say it’s at least worth a try!
Ipsy’s Discount Code: IPSYJUL (for 20% off Your Entire Purchase)

Ahava DeadSea Water Mineral Hand Cream:  This product is one that I’m not so sure about… I’m not crazy about the smell of this hand cream (it has a slight baby powder/old lady scent..?) and it leaves a slight film on the skin. The film sinks in to the skin after a little while but usually when I apply hand cream I don’t have the time to sit there and let it sink in. However it is very moisturizing so I might keep this just to use every now and then, but it probably won’t be a go-to product for me.
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  IPSY30 (for 30% off any purchase)

Nomad Cosmetics Illuminating Highlighter in Midnight Sun:  This may come as a shock but I haven’t been wearing much makeup for the month of July (just want to let my skin breathe for a second) so I haven’t tested out this product yet. I have swatched it though and the formula is very soft and creamy and the product is very pigmented! I’m excited to try this one out the next time I do my makeup because the color (a light champagne-gold) is right up my alley!
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  IPSY20 (for 20% off any purchase)

Ciate London Wonderland Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black:  As I said before, I haven’t been wearing a lot of makeup (if any) this month so I haven’t really tested out this eyeliner besides swatching it. But I do like what I see based on the swatch! The formula is exactly what you’d want in a kohl eyeliner and the color is super rich! I’m definitely gonna try this out the next time I do my makeup and we’ll see how it wears. The true test of a good eyeliner to me is how long-wearing it is and whether or not it can stay in place when I apply it to my water line! Updates soon to come!
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  IPSTER (for 30% off Sitewide)

chelsea edit

Beau Gåchis Illuminator Brush: Okay so let me start off by saying I NEVER have complaints when I get a brush in my bag.  It is literally my favorite thing to get from Ipsy, and although this was probably my favorite thing out of the bag this month, I probably won’t reach for this brush as often as I do some of the other brushes I have gotten out of Ipsy.  This brush is considered a highlighting brush, which although I am a firm believer of not always using a brush for what they claim to be for, I really can’t think of many things to use this brush for.  When testing it out I tried highlighting my brow bone and cupids bow with it.  It wasn’t awful, just a little too big for this type of highlighting, yet it is a little too small to highlight the cheeks.  I’m not sure, like I said, I don’t hate it… just not sure how to use it yet.
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  beautifulipster30 (for 30% off your Entire Purchase)

Ciate London Wonderland Gel-Kohl Hybrid Liner in Black:  Don’t get me wrong, I liked this product.  I just think my ability to get a black eyeliner in every * single * bag (eye roll) is getting to be a bit annoying.  (But hey, at least I’ll never have to buy another black eyeliner for the rest of my life.)  Anyways.. this liner was pretty nice, I’m not usually big into kohl liners, I don’t tend to “smudge out” my liner, but I tried it out and was pretty pleased with how well this applied.  Ciate London is usually hit or miss for me so like I said, this wasn’t too bad.
Ipsy’s Discount Code:  IPSTER (for 30% off Sitewide)

Tarte Cosmetics Rainforest of the Sea deep dive cleansing gel:  I’ve actually tried this before.  I like the product and Tarte has always been one of my go-to brands, but this product doesn’t really “wow” me.  I know, it’s just a cleanser so there really isn’t much it could do to “wow” me in the first place, but when it comes to taking my makeup off, I’m more of a makeup wipe kinda gal.  However, I would like to say that I did read that this was really good at removing waterproof makeup, and I have yet to try it for this purpose so I might bring this with me on my cruise next week and put it to the test!
Ipsy’s Discount Code: IPSYJUL (for 20% off Your Entire Purchase)

mPrincess Pressed Eyeshadow in Biscuit:  The only thing I really have to say about this product is that it’s just not really my color.  I don’t tend to reach for lighter, simmery shades like this one.  I know it would be perfect for highlighting your brow bone or inner corners but I tend to be unconventional (boring) and skip those two steps when it comes to doing my eye makeup.  Other than that the formula wasn’t bad and the size of the product was great!
Ipsy’s Discount Code: ipsy0617 (for a Free Eyeshadow with Your Purchase)

Trifle Cosmetics Raspberry Ripple – Ombre Radiance Blush Palette:  I literally laughed so hard when I pulled this blush palette (I am using that term extremely loosely) out of the bag.  Let me start out by saying I was actually looking forward to getting this product.  I am always in the market for a new blush.  Its a product that I don’t often research/buy so when I find one I like I get excited.  Lets fast forward to actually receiving this product.  I thought they sent me the wrong thing.  It is literally 1 inch by 2 inches big.  I can barely get my finger in the pan to swatch the shades let alone a blush brush.  This product put theBalm Cosmetics sample sizes to shame.  So needless to say this product was a big NO for me.
Ipsy’s Discount Code: IPSY30 (for 30% Off Your Purchase)

Until Next Time,

A & C

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