All I Want for My Birthday…

Well, you know how the song goes!

Guess what y’all!! We are both another year older!  That’s right, we’re BOTH August babes!  Although we are both firm believers of the “birth-month” instead of just a measly birth-day, we did end up having more “low key” birthdays this year (if there even is such a thing).   We weren’t able to take part in some of our favorite traditions like going store to store grabbing our birthday freebies together like we normally do because Chelsea was out of town during Anna’s birthday. But we were able to still celebrate together once she got back.  As y’all know, August was pretty hectic with lots of changes for both of us so we made sure to sit down and celebrate another year in the books with our friends, family, and most importantly each other!  We decided that since this is our fav time of year, we wanted to share it with y’all.  So here’s what we did/what we got for our birthdays:

My birthday this year was pretty low key but I loved every minute of it! My birthday festivities started a couple days early this year because my boyfriend Thomas surprised me with a paddleboard and took me to Lake Murray to test it out! (and it’s the best thing ever!) I turned 21 this year (FINALLY!!!) so my day was centered around drinking (responsibly). Early in the day I had a couple friends over to hang out by the pool and then later I went to dinner with my family to celebrate! One of the advantages of living in a college town is that you have plenty of options when it comes to drinking and having a good time! So after dinner I went out bar-hopping with a few friends to end the night!

So my actual birthday was yesterday but let’s be honest, I’ve been celebrating all month long.  I started out my “birth-month” by my mom getting me the coolest set of chairs for a table my I just got for my back yard (I know, adulting at its finest).  I was so excited for those because I had been looking for these chairs for months now, justing waiting to be able to sit at my new table outside.  Then, last weekend Jared took me to Atlanta for the Braves game/a quick birthday getaway!  That was so much fun because I had yet to go to the new SunTrust stadium and I was really needing to check it out (see Monday’s blog post for details about my trip).  Other than that nothing too crazy happened. Yesterday, on my actual birthday, I ended up working for a little bit (where my boss surprised me with some pretty epic balloons, and let me tell you, I LOVE balloons).  Then Jared and I met up with some friends for a quick dinner at a little Vietnamese restaurant I love downtown!  To end the birthday festivities, I’m meeting my dad tonight for dinner and drinks at one of our favorites, Oyster Bar (YUM)!  Overall, it’s been a pretty chill birthday, but I kinda enjoyed it a little more that way.  Holidays (obvi my birthday is a national holiday) are always best spent with close friends and family!

Anna:  Romper:  Lovers+Friends (similar)| Shoes: Cape Robbin (similar)| Necklace: Kendra Scott | Lippie: Kylie Cosmetics
Chelsea: Dress: Show Me Your MuMu | Shoes: New York & Co (similar) | Lippie: NYX


That’s it you guys, August is officially over and September is here.  We can no longer use the excuse “it’s our birth month” to get away with everything.  Don’t worry, we’re already counting down the days until our next birth-month!!

Until Next Time,


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