SC State Fair 2017

Anna & Chelsea, Please meet your family at the rocket!

Hey Y’all! Now for us, the fair is something we look forward to all year!  I mean whats not to love?  Food, games, animals, rides, the Fair has it all!  For those of you who have never been to South Carolina’s State Fair, the most predominate thing is the “rocket”.  The rocket is a GIANT replica rocket ship that is the meeting place for people just arriving to the fair and waiting on their friends or people who have been separated from their families.  This is where our night started!  After meeting at the rocket, we decided to dive right in and play games.  Anna’s BF Thomas was on a mission to win one of those highly sought after giant stuffed animals.  We tested out a few games before coming across one that was pure chance as opposed to one that will completely rip you off and rob you blind.

After Tom won a giant stuffed husky we made our way over to the barns, where we oogled and petted more than our fair share of animals, including a 1060 pound pig!  Finally we made our way back out into the land of all things fried and bad for you.  We pigged out on corndogs, ice cream, doughnut burgers, Fiske fries (everyones personal fav), and steak sundaes.  God, so much food, but it was SOOO worth it!  Seriously, if you come to fair just for the food, nobody would be mad at you (we’ve all been there).  Before we headed home we decided to make a last minute trip to the Farris wheel so we could scope out everything one last time.  Over all we would say we had a pretty epic trip to the fair this year.  The weather was perfect, the food was amazing, and the company was even better!


So for us, the Fair usually kicks off the start of our Fall weather in SC.  It often gets cooler around this time of year so it is the perfect time to start breaking out our cute jackets and thicker layers.  You usually don’t want to dress up too much for this event however you still want to make sure you look cute.  The biggest factor we took in with our outfits was layers.  We weren’t really sure how the weather was going to pan out later that night.  The afternoon was pretty warm still but the weather channel was calling for temps in the lower 60s that night.  We both decided to layer up, Chelsea with a band tee, flannel long sleeve, and light jacket, and Anna with a thin sweater and cute utility jacket.  Another thing thing we had to take into consideration is the fact that we were going to be doing a lot of walking!  There is so much to see at our state fair that you need to make sure you wear comfy footwear.  In true Overdressed and Underrated fashion, we ended up wearing the same booties (in different colors of course).  These are the same Lucky Brand boots we have mentioned in multiple blog posts in the past and are super comfortable/pretty much go with any look we are trying to pull off!



Until Next Time,

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