DIY: Halloween Costumes 2017

Hey y’all!  It’s almost Halloween and we couldn’t be any more excited!!  We don’t know about y’all but Halloween is kinda our favorite.  I mean who doesn’t love an excuse to get super dressed up with hopes of winning a costume contest or two!  Last year we both had to work on Halloween so we took the easy route with our costume choice and were fruit (Anna a Strawberry and Chelsea a Pineapple) with one of our coworkers (hey Caitlyn!).  It was super cute and super easy so if you are looking for a quick DIY costume for a last minute party, we highly suggest getting a large t-shirt and turning yourself into a pineapple or strawberry (Pinterest has tons of DIY fruit costumes).

We love the idea of a good DIY costume.  It’s so much better than going to Party City and buying an extremely over-priced, generic Halloween costume.  Plus in our opinion it almost makes the costume more real and personable.  We usually start out our costume ideas by brainstorming about tv shows and movies we like (characters from your favorite shows are usually a good idea for costumes)!  After coming up with a few ideas, we head on over to Pinterest to see what other people have in mind and what pieces we need to start gathering to complete our costumes.  The last step is the best part.  Finding the pieces to your costumes is almost like a scavenger hunt of sorts.  Personally we love a good bargain so we always start off with thrift stores and consignment shops.  One of our favorites to check is Plato’s Closet, the clothes are cheap but still way more trendy than anything you can find at Goodwill.  After bargain hunting, whatever is left we have to find elsewhere.  Usually we will hit up Target or Forever 21 and find the last pieces there.    If there is anyone that understands last minute it is us.  And for some reason, Halloween and last minute always seem to go together (we are forever getting invited to last minute parties or having to come up with a last minute costume).  With that being said, we decided to put together two last minute DIY looks for y’all just in case.  Let us know what you think!

Sandy from Grease:


sandy collage
Top | Leggings | Belt | Shoes | Jacket | Lippie | Curls

“Tell me about it, Stud”

I’ve always been a huge fan of the classic movie Grease. The scene when Sandy shows up in her iconic outfit at the end of the movie is one of my favorite parts! So a couple years ago I decided to dress up as her because it was a super easy costume to recreate (and because I wouldn’t have to do much to my naturally curly hair to achieve the look)! For the past couple years I’ve dressed up as Sandy and each year I’ve found pieces that make the outfit even better! First things first: the red lip. I’ve worn different red lipsticks in the past for this costume but the lipstick I wore for this picture was by far my fave! It’s by ColourPop Cosmetics, it’s the Ultra Satin Lip in the shade Lost and I’m in love with it!! Lady Balls by Too Faced, as well as any basic red lip, would also work! “Liquid leggings” are a big trend right now so those weren’t hard to find. My top is an off-the-shoulder bodysuit that I’m still obsessed with! The jacket is a lightweight bomber style that I found in my closet, and the belt was a random find that I thought would match the outfit perfectly! But the shoes are what make the outfit in my opinion. I got extremely lucky that I found these last minute at Plato’s Closet a couple years ago! They were the perfect color and my size so it was basically meant to be! And now that I think about it, I got every piece of this costume from Plato’s Closet throughout the years. (score!) But the best part about this costume is if you have a significant other that hates to dress up for Halloween (can you tell that I’m all too familiar with this problem?) all they have to do is chuck on a black or white t-shirt with some jeans and they’re good to go!!

Rachel Green from Friends:


Rachel Green Outfit
Top | Skirt | Shoes | Tights | Apron | Hair Clip | Lippie | Coffee Mug

“And that my friend, is what you call closure”

I usually struggle every year with what I want to be for Halloween.  It’s not necessarily because I don’t ever know what to be, but more so I like to go the DIY route and make my own costume and then tend to wait until the last minute to try and find everything I need to make that outfit.  I decided this year was that was not going to be the case.   So I did the usual Pinterest trolling and came across a DIY 90’s inspired Halloween costume page and decided to use this as my inspiration.  Now like every other girl on the planet, Friends is my all time favorite show! So I decided who was more me and 90’s than Rachel Green?! Nobody, exactly!! And thus, this costume was born.  With Halloween costumes I usually like to thrift/bargain shop for all of the pieces (since you only get to wear the costume once or twice).  I hit up Goodwill, Plato’s Closet, TJ Maxx, and Target where I found the majority of my costume.  The hardest items for me personally to find were the mules, half apron, and black skirt.  The black skirt was mostly hard because I thought I already had one in my closet and waited until the last minute to find out I didn’t.  The mules however, weren’t super hard to find since this these shoes are back in style again, but I didn’t really want to pay full price for a pair of these so I ended up taking some time to explore all of my options to try and find the cheapest pair.  Now, the apron was tricky because I thought I would be able to order a half apron with the Central Perk logo already on it on Amazon or Etsy, but I had no luck.  So I ended up sending Jared to Hobby Lobby across town (because apparently nobody sells white half aprons) to grab a blank white one that I could paint the logo on.  Overall this costume was super easy to piece together and is by far my favorite costume to date.  PS. we ended up turning this into a couples costume and Jared is going to be Ross!


Until Next Time,

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