Holiday Gift Guide for Him

Hey Y’all!  Okay so not to toot my own horn but I feel as though I’m a pretty good gift giver!  I think I got it from my mom.  She is really good at listening to what people like or want all year long and writing down these ideas for later.  I do the same thing in my notes section on my iPhone.  However for me this tactic usually only works for the girls in my life.  Between my husband and my dad, I usually struggle pretty hard when the holidays are right around the corner.  With Jared, he is difficult to buy for because he is very frugal (unless it comes to sneakers) and often doesn’t tell me about things he would like to have.  So it usually always comes down to the wire when Christmas shopping for him.  My dad is very similar, the only difference is when he wants something reasonable he usually gets it for himself.  So if you have the same struggles I do with shopping for the men in your life, I compiled a few ideas for you to get a head start on your Christmas shopping.  So whether you are buying for your husband/boyfriend, dad, brother, best guy friends, whoever, this is the list for you!


The List


1. Herschel Supply Co. Novel Duffle Bag – Every man needs a good travel bag.  A duffle is usually my husbands go to for quick trips.  Herschel is one of my favorites when it comes to travel bags and accessories.  We have a few backpacks and toiletry cases from Herschel that Jared and I use every time we travel.

2. RayBan Classic Clubmaster Sunglasses – These are classics.  I seriously feel like these glasses look great on everyone.  My dad is a sunglass fiend so when I am out of options for him I usually head to my nearest Sunglass Hut for a few ideas.

3. Yeti Rambler 10oz. Lowball – Yeti is usually my go to gift idea for everyone.  I seriously have gotten my dad everything Yeti makes the past few Birthday’s and Christmas’s.  I’m sure every man on the planet owns the regular Yeti Rambler cup so I would get them one (or even a set of four) of these Lowball cups.  They are perfect for keeping a mixed drink ice cold and look great on any wet bar.

4. Adidas UltraBOOST Running Shoes – I wasn’t a big fan of the way these shoes looked at first.  But my husband got me a pair and they are seriously so comfortable that they could look like Crocs and I probably wouldn’t care.  Now they are a little hard to get your hands on certain color ways but usually you can find the all white ones (which are my personal favorites) at Dick’s Sporting Goods or Finish Line.

5. Fossil Quinn Leather Bifold Wallet – Every man needs a good (preferably leather) wallet.  I know Jared goes through them like crazy.  So when you are looking for a quick gift for your brother or a close guy friend run to your nearest department store to find the perfect one for them.

6. Apple Watch Series 2 42mm – This is clearly the perfect gift for any tech/Apple loving guy in your life.  They sync to your iPhone and allow you to check your messages and other notifications when you’re on the go while also taking the place of you everyday watch.  Plus the band is interchangeable so if you’re looking for a good stocking stuffer you can also buy him another band for his new watch!

7. Yeti Hopper Two 40 – See, I told y’all Yeti is a good go to for holiday shopping!  This is the second item on my list by Yeti.  Jared and I just recently purchased this style cooler (even though I’m still not sure why since we already own two other Yeti coolers).  Now I know what you’re going to say, why did you need a third Yeti cooler?  Well I won’t lie, we really didn’t but this cooler is so different from our other two that I’m secretly glad we got it.  Its is great compared to the hard coolers because it doesn’t take up as much space and is way easier to carry.

8. DJI Mavic Pro – This is a little bit up there as far as price but these things are so cool I guarantee the person receiving it will love it.  Like most things on this list it is great for traveling because it is so compact you can fit it in your luggage.  The photos and videos are super clear and you can use it to check out your surrounding area before you go out to explore.  If your guy loves new technology look no further, this is perfect for him.

9. LL Bean Men’s Wicked Good Moccasins – LL Bean is the best when it comes to house shoes/slippers.  If your guy is anything like mine he will say this is something he would never use but low key he will end up loving them and using them regularly.

10. Barbour Tinford Jacket – You can’t go wrong with a gift from Barbour for Christmas.  This jacket is perfect for the classic man.  And what guy doesn’t need a new jacket, right?

11. JLB Charge 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker – I own this and love it.  We pretty much take it everywhere with us.  The beach, tailgating, parties, wherever.  We love that it is water resistant and sand proof (perfect for the beach), plus it hold a battery life for 15 hours!

12. The Original LL Bean Boot 8″ – If the guy in your life doesn’t already own these, get them for him!  You won’t regret it, he won’t regret it, nobody is going to regret owning these boots.  They are perfect for snowy/rainy days to keep your feet dry and warm.  Plus they are super trendy and go great with most Fall/Winter outfits (for him of course!).  While you’re at it, go ahead and pick yourself up a pair!


Hopefully this is list has been a little bit helpful, I know coming up with gifts for your loved ones (especially the guys) is always a struggle.  Let us know what y’all are getting the guys in your life for the holidays in the comments below!

Until Next Time,

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