Gameday Roundup

So most of you already know I am a huge college football fan, more specifically a Carolina Gamecock fan!  Not only is the University of South Carolina my Alma Mater, but it has been my favorite sports team since I was born (seriously, I have multiple baby/toddler pics in Carolina gear, but I’m not mad at it).  I have always been ride or die when it comes to Gamecock athletics, mainly football, basketball, and (my personal fav) baseball.  Jared and I rarely miss a home football game.  For those of you who have never been to a college football game in the South (specifically an SEC game), you are really missing out.  The experience is unreal.

Now on to the best part, dress code.  And I say dress code because it really is just that.  Now before you go freaking out thinking we have some written “dress code” at all of our games, that isn’t what I’m saying.  I describe it as a dress code because everyone knows just how to dress, and they do it to the nines.  There are always new trends thrown into our gameday attire mix as well as the classics like cowboy boots and jerseys, but whether your gameday style is old school or new school, there is one thing that is always the same, we are all wearing our garnet and black proudly!

Currently some of the gameday trends I have been seeing are Gamecock tube tops, pleated skirts, and distressed Carolina t-shirts, all of which I think are super cute but not something I personally can pull off!  For me, my gameday style is a mix between the two, but usually I sway a little more to the classic side.  I usually stick to garnet and black dresses and cowboy boots with the occasional jersey thrown in the mix.  I will say however, I am low key digging the denim skirt with a distressed t-shirt look I’ve been seeing around the lots lately.  Ugh this is getting me so excited for next season.  Anyways, we had a great season, I was so glad Anna and Thomas were able to come tailgate with us a few times too.  We have one more game left (our bowl game) and then that is it for this season.  So now starts the countdown until next season.  Until then, Go Gamecocks!!!

PS. Let me know if you guys are as into College football as much as we are?!  If so what teams do you pull for? And what are some of your favorite gameday trends?


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