Holiday Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Six days until Christmas!!! I repeat: SIX DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!!

Okay so first of all I would like to say I am sorry that this Holiday gift guide is so late but I figured, stocking stuffers are always that last thing people shop for so better late than never, right?  Stocking stuffers are literally some of my favorite gifts  because they are usually things you didn’t know you wanted or needed.  Two years ago my mom got me these mini tongs in my stocking and when I pulled them out I was like WTF?!  Fast forward to now, when I can’t even tell you how often I have used those things (here’s a hint, all the time).  Seriously though, the best stocking stuffers are usually mini versions of things we love (which are always the cutest!)  Anyways, I compiled a list of a few ideas to help you out with any last minute stocking stuffers, let us know what you think!

The List

1. Makeup Sponge – I think this is a personal preference when it comes to which brand you get.  There are a ton of dupes for a lot cheaper than $20 but in my opinion no sponge works as well as the Beauty Blender.  I have found a few that I really like and use often but none that I reach for more than my Beauty Blender.

2. Perfume Rollerball – I think this is the perfect stocking stuffer! I love rollerballs, simply because they are inexpensive and last forever.  I tend to collect these so I can change my scent every so often.  This one in particular is one of my all time favorite scents.  It’s so funny because about a year ago I saw a KathleenLights video where she was talking about how much she loved this perfume because to her it smelled like barbies.  I was like “what the hell?” how can something smell like barbies?  Low and behold I bought it wanting to test it out and can oddly see where she is coming from.  It is very nostalgic and I absolutely love it.

3. PopSocket – Who wouldn’t want one of these bad boys?  Seriously though, they are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone on your list, no explanation necessary!

4. Hoop Earrings – I currently have Sheila’s Everybody’s favorite hoops and I wear them daily (seriously, go look in all of my previous posts, chances are I have them on).  But I have recently had my eye on these dainty gold hoops.  If you are looking for stock stuffers for the lady in your life, I promise she will love these!

5. Candy – I love getting candy in my stocking!  It’s the best, but for me I’m not big on chocolate (I know, there’s something wrong with me), but I do love gummies!  I recently tried these champagne bears from Sugarfina and I am hooked.  So hooked that I currently have a very large online cart saved at Sugarfina.  Ugh, I can already tell this place is going to be a problem for me.

6. Nail Polish – Nail polish is another great idea for any girl you are looking to buy stocking stuffers for!  KL Polish is one of my personal favorite brands when it comes to nail polish (and not because I’m clearly obsessed with KathleenLights).  I absolutely love everything about this polish, between the formula, the brush, and the colors, you seriously can’t go wrong with this brand!

7. Makeup Sets – I love this idea (again for the girl in your life) because there are so many options you can go with.  I usually hit up Ulta or Sephora during the holidays and browse through all of their holiday gift sets which are usually samples of their popular products. I love this because you can try out all of the products you’ve have your eye on without having to commit to the big version right away!

8. Portable Power Bank – These are great for all of us who are always on their phone or regularly on the go.  I bought one last year when Jared and I went to New York and it was perfect for the plane/airport.  I also love to keep it in my purse when my phone starts dying at work and I’m not near a charger (I do social media for my job, so I am always on my phone).

9. Sheet Masks – I always get sheet masks in my subscriptions boxes and get so excited!  It is something I never think about buying for myself but always love using!

10. Minimergency Kits – I got one of these kits at a bachelorette party a couple of years back and thought it was the cutest thing ever!  Pinch Provisions has the cutest mini kits that are super convenient.  They seriously have kits for everything, from travel kits, to tech kits, to party kits, and even pet kits.  They have a kit for everyone, so make sure to snag one of these for everyone on your christmas list this year!

11. Camp Socks – I know I know, socks for Christmas?  Really?  I’m serious though, these are the best socks.  They are super warm and the best if you have Bean Boots!  I wear mine all Winter long and I think anybody would love them in their stocking.

12. Bath Bombs – Yes they are a little boujee but Lush has the best selection of bath bombs ever!!  And they really aren’t super pricey either so grab one up and let whoever your stuffing a stocking for pamper themselves!

Honorable mentions:  When I was younger, one of my favorite things my mom would put in my stocking was scratch-off lottery tickets (thankfully she still does this).  It’s super unconventional but its so much fun!  Not to mention you have the possibility of winning some extra spending cash (which is NEVER a bad gift).  Another good idea for stocking stuffers is always gift cards.  I love getting $5 and $10 gift cards to my favorite fast food places and stores, it really helps out when I’m low on cash and want a coffee from Starbucks.

So now that Christmas is only a few days away, what are some of y’alls plans for the holidays?  For me things are busy, busy, with a side of busy.  We do a lot of running around on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  We go back and forth between my grandparents, my dads, Jared’s parents, and finally end the day at my mom’s (not to mention all of the trips in between to our house to drop off gifts and food).  It’s very stressful but we wouldn’t have it any other way!  I hope all of y’all have a safe and happy holidays!!

Until Next Times,

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