KL Polish Review

Hey Y’all!

Okay so if y’all need to know anything about me it is that I am obsessed with watching beauty YouTube videos.  I have a few YouTubers that I follow regularly both on YouTube and social media.  One of my absolute favorite beauty gurus/YouTubers is KathleenLights.  I am obsessed with her, she is so relatable and doesn’t let her popularity go to her head.  Plus she does amazing every day makeup looks/tutorials that I love to try and recreate because why not?  Over the Summer, Kathleen announced that she was coming out with her own brand of nail polishes.  I love collecting nail polish so naturally I had to get my hands on a few.

 I am super excited about this review.  It is one I have been wanting to do for awhile but I only recently was able to get my hands on a few more colors that I had been dying to try out.  I originally bought the colors Brick Sidewalk and Broccoli & Chocolate when she first came out with with KL Polish and instantly fell in love.  This is seriously hands down my favorite brand of nail polish.  Everything about it is what I look for in nail polish.  First and most importantly the colors are absolutely perfect.  She really knows what she is doing when it comes to creating the perfect colors.  Out of the 30+ colors she has created, there are less than five that don’t spark my interest and that is more so because I don’t often reach for those type of colors not because I think they are ugly.  The next think I noticed immediately that I loved about this polish is the applicator.  The brush is wide and short which covers the nail perfectly.  Lastly and for most people, the most important thing is the formula.  To me this formula is one of the best ones out there.  All of her polishes are vegan, cruelty free, and 5/7/9 free (5-free meaning formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, camphor, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. 7-free polishes are also free of ethyl tosylamide and xylene, and 9-free polishes are free of parabens and acetone).  To most this isn’t a big deal, but to me she is doing something right here with her formula and this might have a little something to do with it.

If y’all are nail polish junkies like me, look no further.  KathleenLights knows what she is doing when it comes to all thing beauty, nail polish included!  I promise y’all will love this polish as much as I do so make sure to go pick you up a few!


Brick Sidewalk: Red Rust

Broccoli & Chocolate: Chocolate Brown

Coconut Milk: Creamy White

Lumiere: Dusty Mauve Pink


These are the current colors I own, however I just placed an order for Tuxedo Mask, Mindy, Central Park, and the one I am most excited about, Cassiopeia!  I am so excited to get these in and test them out!  Let me know in the comments below if y’all have tried KL Polish and what y’all think about it!

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