10 Facts About Me

Y’all, it’s been a busy couple of weeks and I am glad to have a minute to sit down and write out a new post.  It’s one I am kinda excited about because I when Anna and I first started the blog last summer, I don’t think we ever really properly introduced ourselves.  Lately I’ve been noticing on Instagram everyone has been doing a “Five Facts” challenge which inspired me to tell y’all a little about myself.

At first I was a little shook.  It was super hard sitting down and coming up with two facts about myself let alone ten.  I seriously thought about making this post “5 Facts About Me” instead of ten so many times that I’m actually kinda shocked that I finish all ten.  But eventually I did and I hope they are interesting enough and help y’all get to know me a little better.  I am an extrovert all day long and often have no filter, so it is really easy to get to know me in person but through this platform I find it kind of hard.  But as challenging as it was, I low key kinda enjoyed this post.  And who knows, maybe if I can come up with a few more facts about myself I can put together another post similar to this one in the future!  Anyways, I’m gonna quit rambling on and let y’all get to what y’all came here for!

Top: Target (similar) | Jeans: Target (similar) |Booties: Lucky Brand |
Necklace: Kendra Scott | Bracelet: David Yurman


Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am obsessed with Southern culture/traditions.  I have lived in South Carolina my entire life and I don’t know what I would do without southern hospitality.

2. Playing into the southern theme, my all time favorite food is BBQ.  Seriously, I love me a good BBQ buffet and being in the South, they are not sparse.  Mustard base BBQ sauce is my favorite (naturally)!

3. My husband Jared and I have been together for ten years & married for two!  I just recently (on our two year wedding anniversary) legally changed my last name.  (I know, I know… wayyy too long to wait to change your last name after getting married, but I had some pretty good reasons as to why it took me so long.)

4. I have insomnia.  It comes in spurts and is usually stress induced.  Because I often have late nights, I love to sleep in in the mornings (even when Jared and the dogs are yelling for me to get up).

5. I love quick weekend trips and although I love trips to the mountains, I prefer the beach.  We have a beach house on Edisto Island and I will find any excuse to take a quick trip to the beach during the summer.

6. I get really bad anxiety while driving so unless I absolutely have to, Jared usually drives wherever we go.

7.  I am an only child.  I always wanted a sibling growing up (an still low key wish I had one), but my cousin lived with us for a couple years when I was in high school, so that was kind of like having a sibling for a little while.

8. I am that person that stops whatever I am doing to pet a dog halfway down the street.  Honestly this pretty much applies to any animal, except cats.  I am allergic to cats and honestly think they are kinda sketchy anyways.

9. Because of my insomnia, I watch a lot of TV shows and movies.  My favorite TV show is Friends and my favorite movie is Sweet Home Alabama.

10. I am a mega sports fan.  I know that is a pretty generic statement but I just love all sports.  Baseball is my favorite with Football falling in a close second.  I mostly follow collegiate sports with the exception of my favorite NFL (Broncos), MLB (Braves), and NBA (anywhere Dwayne Wade goes, so right now Cavs) teams.  I grew up as and still am a die hard Carolina Gamecocks fan, but often I follow most SEC teams to a certain extent.  (Extra Fun Fact: When Jared and I first started dating, he really didn’t follow any sports until I started forcing him to go to games with me.  Fast forward to now where he is just about as aggressive as I am about them and often knows way more facts than I do)!!


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