Valentine’s Day Look

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner (I know this because all of the Valentine’s decor and candy has been out for about two months now at Target).  Jared and I rarely celebrate Valentine’s Day in a traditional manor.  Mostly because Jared hates buying flowers and I hate waiting more than ten minutes for a table at a restaurant.  It’s cool though, I kinda like our lack of enthusiasm for the holiday!  We usually do something a little more laid back like cook dinner and hang out at the house (I’m a homebody so this is right up my ally).  I work late on Valentine’s Day this year so we decided to celebrate the following weekend.  One of our favorite restaurant’s is Jim & Nick’s BBQ.  Unfortunately the closest one to us is either in Charlotte or Charleston.  We haven’t been to Charleston in a while so we decided to take a day trip the Saturday after Valentine’s Day for a little shopping and exploring.  I’m really looking forward to this because we’ve had so much going one lately with moving into the new house and what not that we really haven’t had time to ourselves.

Now although Target starts heavily promoting Valentine’s Day in early December, I do enjoy the pops of color in the clothing department.  I have never really been one to heavily stock my closet with pinks and reds, I’m more of a neutrals kinda girl, but I do enjoy a pop of color every now and then.  And what better pop of color than this cute pink blouse from Lilly Pulitzer.  I got this shirt last August with intentions of wearing it for my birthday.  But we really didn’t do much for my birthday this past year so I decided to save it for a later date.  Fast forward to now when I have yet to wear it and was contemplating on selling it until I remembered how perfect it would be for Valentine’s Day.

Top: Lilly Pulitzer (similar) | Pants: American Eagle | Shoes: Steve Madden |
Ring: David Yurman | Lippie: ColourPop (similar)

I don’t know about y’all, but looking at these photos it’s really getting me ready for Spring!  It’s really not my most favorite of the seasons, might even be my least favorite thanks to the pollen, but I do love the fun colors and warmer weather that come with it.  My mind is already racing with all of the fun outfits I can plan for future shoots!  Hope everyone had a great week!  Let me know if y’all have any fun Valentine’s or even Galentine’s plans?!

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