January Favorites

Is it me or do I always start every monthly favorites post out exactly the same way?  I always go on and on about how the month flew by and how busy I was and blah blah.  Well surprise, Surprise! January was busy, and did fly by!  Jared and I have been doing a lot of work around our house (hopefully I’ll get that post up soon) as well as we had Inventory this past month at my work, which always calls for long (very long) days.  And I worked this past weekend which I don’t often do so that was just more added to my plate.  But we are finally getting to a place where we can sit down and relax a little bit which I am super excited about.

So y’all know the gist of this post!  It is personally one of my favorite posts to do.  I love these types of posts so much because I love sharing with y’all the products I’ve been using and abusing all month long.  I tend to frequent these posts on other blogs because it is how I learn about new products I want to try out to share with y’all!  This past month I didn’t over shop like I tend to do (casually recovering from Christmas shopping) so a lot of these products are items I’ve had for awhile that I recently picked up again.  Let me know if y’all have tried or plan on trying any of these products in the comments below!


The List

1. Corkcicle Classic Canteen – I bought this thing forever ago and kinda forgot about it.  It is kind of big and doesn’t fit well in my purse, at least not as well as my swell bottles do, so I never really used it.  Anna has one and literally uses hers all the time and now I know why!  I grabbed it the other day because I knew it was going to be a long day and I knew I was going to need more water than my swell bottle would hold.  I have literally carried it regularly since!  I use the 25oz. and it is perfect for all you excessive water drinkers!

2. Impressions Vanity TouchUp Dimmable LED Compact Mirror – I got this compact for Christmas and it has seriously been the best.  I have insomnia and my lack of sleep really gets to me in the mornings causing me to drag ass while getting ready.  A lot of times I have to do my makeup in the morning at work before we open.  I hate doing this because well for one I am at work doing my makeup and two the lighting and mirror situation is awful.  This compact is really easy to toss in my purse and it lights up so that helps a lot as well!

3. Forever My Girl by Heidi McLaughlin (The Book) – Okay so I know you have all seen the previews for this movie and I will say that as soon as I saw them I knew I had to read the book.  I often do this when a movie comes out that I want to see.  I read all the time, so any time a movie that started as book catches my eye I am all over it.  I have yet to see the movie but I read this book in a night and have already moved on to a few of the other books in this series (I’m on the third, I think there are six books total).  I can tell from the previews of the movie that they are totally different which kind of bums me out because I am obsessed with the book!

4. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – I got a sample size of this in an Ipsy bag some time last year and loved it.  When I finally ran out I decided to pick up the full sized version.  When I went to Ulta they were out of the original scent so I decided to try out the grapefruit scent.  I LOVE IT!  I love how hydrated my skin feels after using this.  It is an all over moisturizer but I mainly use it on my face!

5. Case Mate Naked Tough Iridescent Case – I bought this case on a whim when I got my new phone because Best Buy gave me a credit for trading in my old phone.  I love it!  It’s super cute and super durable.  I also noticed they make this case in tortoiseshell and I now have my eye on that!

6. It Cosmetics Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil – This is one of those products I got in a subscription box that I did NOT think I was going to like.  Anything universal in the beauty department does not sound like a good idea.  Everyone is so different that I really didn’t think this was going to be for me.  I’m blonde but my eyebrows are super dark so when I saw this shade was called taupe, I knew it wouldn’t work.  But I was very wrong.  At first it was a little light but the more I went over the more build up it created making the color a lot more “my shade”.

7. Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Balm – This is an old but a goody!  I seriously love this stuff for those days that I don’t feel like putting on a full on lip stick or gloss but want a little color.  I even got my mom addicted to this.  We both keep the color Caramel in our purse at all time!  It is a good/cheap dupe for the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatments (which are equally amazing).

8. Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Gold Necklace – I bought this necklace about a year and a half ago and ended up returning it because I wasn’t obsessed.  Anna has one and I always  love it on her so I figured I’d give it another go.  I’ve pretty much worn it every day since I bought it.  It is the perfect every day piece to add to your jewelry collection.


Until Next Time,

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