Roses Are Red, These Items Are Pink!

What is it about February that makes you love the color pink just a little bit more than normal?  For me, I blame all of the cute Valentine’s decor in the Target dollar bins!

No but seriously, when February rolls around it seems like every store has all of the cutest products they sell in various shades of pink, just in time for you to pick up for all of your Valentine’s Day needs.  Growing up I was never a pink kinda girl.  Not necessarily because I was a tomboy or anything along those lines, I just tended to gravitate to neutrals (mostly black) because that what my mom always wore.  As I grow older I still tend to lean to neutrals, but I’ve started gradually adding pops of color in my life.  My personal favorite color is green so that is always a favorite of mine to add, especially to my wardrobe but for some reason the girly girl in my has recently been reaching for more pink here and there.  I went through a phase a couple years ago where over 50% of my closet was Lilly Pulitzer (growing up in the South will do this to you), and although I have since nixed the bright patterned dresses, I still swoon over a cute Lilly shift from time to time.  I know this seems off topic, but honestly I credit my (now faint) love for Lilly to my low key love for the color pink!

Now there are always going to be your pink staples like lipsticks and candies, but recently I’ve been noticing cute sunnies and purses in various shades of pink that I feel like I truly need in my life!  Last summer I bought a cute hot pink Kate Spade crossbody that everyone who knows me well kinda questioned my need for this bag.  At first I was with them, not sure what attracted me to the bag but the more I carried it the more I realized I loved it because of how much it brightened up my outfits and made them a little more fun!  Honestly I’m kinda excited to go ahead and pull that bag out ASAP so don’t be so shocked if you see that bad boy in a near future blog post!

I compiled a list of all of my favorite pink items as well as some that I have my eye on.  Let me know what y’all think, and if there are any pink items y’all are loving on right now?!


The List

1. Tory Burch Love Relentlessly Perfume

2. RayBan Original Aviator Mirror in Gold Matte/Pink

3. Kendra Scott Danielle Gold Statement Earrings in Magenta

4. Nars Semi Matte Lipstick in Schiap

5. BKR Spiked 32oz Silicone Glass Water Bottle

6. Tory Burch McGraw Leather Tote

7. Invisibobble Original Hair Tie

8. Sugarfina But First Rosé Gummies

9. Body Rags Clothing Co. Micro Heart Baseball Cap

10. Sweet Water Pink Eyelashes Gold Coffee Mug


Until Next Time,

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