My Favorite Cardigan + Dupes

I have been obsessing over this cardigan for awhile now but didn’t want to pay full price at Nordstrom for it.  Especially with Spring right around the corner.  The weather in SC gets humid real fast which is super annoying when all you want to do is wear cute colored pants or thin sweaters (you know, normal Spring clothes) but can’t because everything is constantly sticking to you.  I told myself about a month ago that I wasn’t going to buy any more sweaters this season.  That didn’t last long… shocker.  I bought two (my bad) cardigans from SheIn about two weeks ago and although I went against my own wishes, I’m not mad at it.

So, firstly, I just wanted to give y’all my opinion/experience with SheIn.  I’m sure y’all have heard of those sites like SheIn and Romwe that are SUPER cute/trendy clothes for SUPER cheap.  I have been debating placing an order with one of these sites for no joke about a year now but could never really pull the trigger.  I always see horror stories with these types of companies full of quality and sizing issues.  This kept me from ordering for SO long because I always have issues with sizes and definitely wasn’t about to pay money for some cheap/poor quality clothes.  But if I can give one tip about these sites it would be to READ THE REVIEWS.  They were super helpful when it came to sizing and quality.  I decided to start out with a couple of cardigans because usually as long as the material has some stretch I can get away other sizes than my usual.  Both of the sweaters I ordered were one size fits all which scared the shit out of me, but I decided to bite the bullet and can honestly say I am so glad I did.  Both sweaters were almost exactly what I wanted!  I’m not sure if I’m exactly ready to try out other products from SheIn just yet but I do think once I gather up the courage I would love to get my hands on a few more pieces.  I did notice recently that they started doing plus sizes which might be a little more for me sizing wise but I’m not obsessed with any of the styles of the plus size pieces just yet.  Maybe soon thought!

Okay, now back to this adorable sweater.  I originally fell in love with the Topshop version of this sweater at Nordstrom but knew I wasn’t willing to pay that much for it so I instantly forgot about it.  Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when I got super inspired by a sweater that Anna has that I’ve always been obsessed with.  I started searching high and low for a similar sweater to Anna’s but ended up finding this almost exact dupe to the original Topshop one!  I am so glad I was able to get my hands on this bad boy before it sold out!

Cardigan: SheIn (sold out, see below) | Tank: Old Navy (similar) | Jeans: Target (similar) | Shoes: Merona (similar)

Now the original Topshop sweater is currently sold out on Nordstrom as well as my version from SheIn, but thats okay because there are multiple dupes available at reasonable prices.  Here’s what I found:

Red Dress Boutique

Goodnight Macaroon


Until Next Time,

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