Spring Hairstyles

Y’all I have been completely up in the air about this post.  For no other reason than I am not a hairstylist but I am a perfectionist and I know these hairstyles are far from perfect. However I absolutely love finding new hairstyles that I can do besides just straightening or curling my hair so I really wanted to show off these cuties that I think will be perfect for Spring.

Now I need to tell you guys I am absolutely obsessed with learning new braids.  Growing up I was never really able to braid my own hair for whatever reason so I used to practice on my friends whenever I could.  I just recently started practicing on myself and am starting to get pretty okay at it.  I mastered my fishtail braid forever ago and recently have been working on my dutch braid and french braiding.  I’m also super obsessed with perfecting my bun.  Between a half up top knot and a messy bun I constantly have my hair in a bun.  One that I easily could spend 30 mins trying to get it just right.  I recently learned how to do the cutest messy bun and I have been rocking that thing non stop!

I also made sure to include some of the products I regularly use when doing my hair at the end of this post.  Let me know if y’all have any suggestions on new products or hair styles I should try next!!


The Hairstyles


Half Up Top Knot
Y’all it is a rarity that you don’t see my hair like this!  I often give up getting ready in the morning for a little extra sleep therefore any hairstyle that is quick and easy is perfect for me.  This is 100% that hairstyle.  It’s super cute and still allows me to have my hair mostly down (which is a good thing because I often don’t love when my hair is up).   To perfect this look I love to add a little Quai Wave Spray to my hair for texture/volume and viola!


Braided Crown
I am not even going to lie.  I threw this look together five minutes before taking this picture.  I wasn’t quite sure what kind of look I wanted to go with and just decided to start braiding and this is what I came up with (and I’m not mad at it).  It was super easy, all I did was section out two pieces of hair on each side and dutch braided both of those sections.  Then I pulled out pieces of the braid to give it a fuller look and pinned them to the back of my head.  I loved how this look turned out and I can promise you will be seeing this hairstyle on me often this season! (PS. if you have a hard time concealing your bobby pins like I do, make them into a cute design like a triangle… I might have stolen that idea from Pinterest, whatevs).


Half Boxer Braids
These cuties came to me from Pinterest right after I learned how to do a Dutch braid.  I have yet to perfect them on myself but we are getting close.  I love wearing my hair like this when I simply want it out of my face but don’t want to just throw it in a lazy pony tail.  The braid is the perfect detail to make this hairstyle girly while still keeping it simple!  I have been obsessing over perfecting this braid lately so don’t be surprised if you see it a lot this Spring!  Practice makes perfect!


Twisted Braids
These are the newest “braid” in my arsenal.  I don’t know if they should really be considered a braid but thats what were gonna call it here!  Because this hair style is so new to me I am still testing it out and trying to find ways to make it better, like hiding the rubber bands and what not.  I have noticed that using clear bands works well but are still slightly noticeable.  Anyways, this braid is super easy and you can pretty much find tutorials all over the internet for it!


The Products


Batiste Dry Shampoo

Garnier Fructis Hairspray

Quai Wave Spray

OGX Kukui Oil

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Blonde Conditioner


Until Next Time,

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