Home Reno: Powder Room

Okay so although I ended up finishing and posting my dining room reno first, when we bought this house, no sorry, before we bought this house I knew this was going to HAVE to be the first room to be done.  Two words: DRAGONFLY WALLPAPER.  Seriously, what the hell?  This was totally not my cup of tea and therefore it had to go fast.  I was ready to take down this wallpaper the day we moved in but Jared was ready to kill me when I gave him my list of renovation/decorating projects with the new house so I decided to wait a few weeks.

We finally got to start this project about two or three weeks ago when Jared up and decided he was board and taking down the wallpaper was going to entertain him.  I was able to Google or Pinterest a pretty good solution for wallpaper removal.  Although there were a few to choose from including a pre-made spray at Lowes, we ended up going with a water/fabric softener mixture (3 parts hot water, 1 part liquid fabric softener).  It worked really well for us considering this is a pretty tedious task.  (Disclaimer:  we took the wallpaper down in this room almost a month ago and it still smells strongly of fabric softener.  This doesn’t sound like a big issue but it’s really not my favorite scent and it is still so strong that it can cause a bit of a headache if you’re sensitive to smells like I am).

It took us about to a week to entirely get the wallpaper down and after that we started cleaning the left over glue off the wall, we were able to start painting.  Originally this was going to be the only room in the house I was going to paint in Sherwin Williams Sea Salt that I painted our dining room, but most of the rooms in my house are grey (which would have been what I was going to paint the dining room), so I opted for a little pop of color in a more visible room.  This made me rethink my color selection for the half bath at first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to paint two rooms so close to each other the same color, but the more I thought about it the more I realized this color is my favorite so why not paint more than one room this color (honestly I’d paint the whole house this color if I thought it would go with everything).  It only took two coats of paint for this room to look like a completely different room.  Seriously, I cold have left it at that and it would have been just fine, but it all of my extraness, I had to take it to the next step and dream up this amazing pallet wood wall!

At first I was planning on getting super slap happy with shiplap and do the wall behind the toilet, but I shortly realized I needed to cool it and come up with another idea for this wall.  I thought I was going to go with a good floating wood shelf or two on that wall until I remembered Jared’s Dad’s stockpile of pallet wood.  I realized this was the perfect solution to my need for a shiplap/wood wall.  Not even joking when I say this was probably the easiest part of the entire project.  We headed down the road to Jared’s parents house, pulled apart a few pallets, brought them home, placed them in the order we wanted them, measured, and then cut them.  Lastly we nailed them to the wall in a similar way to how we did the shiplap wall in our dining room and that was that.  The pallet wall was done and let me tell you, it is everything!!  After the wood wall was done everything else was just decor.  I found the cute white hand towel at Target as well as the wreath (there is a very aggravating story behind this wreath, but I’ll tell you about it another time.  Like in my March favorites post).  We also added the cute light above the mirror that we got from Lowes.  After that the room was complete and it is hands down my favorite room in the house!!!


Moral of the story:  Don’t ever buy a house with wallpaper that you hate.  I’m joking, but just know, as pretty as it can be, wallpaper is a pain in the ass to take down so know exactly what you’re getting yourself into when you no longer want your wallpapered wall!  I’m only telling y’all this because this room was tiny so I can only imagine what it would be like to do a much larger room (I really don’t think I want to find out).   Anyways, I am so obsessed with how this room turned out.  I seriously couldn’t be more happy with it!  Now it’s time to move onto the next project.  Not 100% sure which room I am going to do next.  Probably our guest bathroom upstairs!  But until then, I promised Jared I would chill out a little bit with the projects, and work on cleaning out our garage that is literally full of everything that was in our attic at our old house.  Ugh, not looking forward to this.

Until Next Time,

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