March Favorites

I don’t know about where y’all live but it has been unusually cold outside for it being two weeks into Spring.  I am dying to break out my sandals and cute sun dresses, not to mention the beach is calling my name!  I’m thinking of taking my first beach trip of the season soon now that I’m back from the Master’s.  I need a little sun, especially after the fast pace of the tournament.  Not to mention I have been stocking up on new bathing suits that are patiently waiting to be worn.  I wanted to add a few to this list but since I have yet to get the chance to wear them, I didn’t think it would be fair!  But don’t be surprised if you see these cuties popping up in future posts soon!

I have been doing a good bit of shopping lately, trying to stock up my Spring wardrobe so there haven’t been many “other” purchases however I am still getting multiple subscription services like Boxycharm and Ipsy that allow me to try out new products and I was able to add a few of those to this list.  So lets get on with it!


march favorites

The List

1. Dove Go Fresh Coconut Dry Shampoo – If I could put this on my list 100 times I would.  For the past couple of years Batiste (tropical scent) has always been my go to dry shampoo.  It is cheap, smells great, and gets the job done.  I was out the other day and ran to Walmart to grab a new bottle.  They were out of my scent (and I really am not a fan of any of the other scents) and I needed dry shampoo ASAP with the week ahead of me so I ended up just picking up a bottle of Dove dry shampoo (it was cheaper than Batiste and had a similar scent).  Y’all it’s amazing!  It leaves absolutely  no white cast which was my only complaint with my Batiste dry shampoo, plus my hair looks and smells fresh! GO BUY THIS NOW!!!

2. Home Again – So Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress ever (Sweet Home Alabama is my all time favorite movie) so naturally I needed to see this movie.  It was definitely one of those under the radar movies that didn’t get much hype so I was a little unsure but we still ended up renting it, and now I’m heading out to grab this movie from Target so I can have my own copy.  It was such a cute rom com about a broken family becoming whole again in an unconventional way (typical/cheesy, I know).  My only complaint is it could have ended a little differently, but honestly the ending was still very cute so it really isn’t much of a complaint!

3. Starburst Sour JellyBeans – I am not a big candy eater but on special occasions I do like a good sour candy.  I look forward to Easter every year so I can stock up on these bad boys.  So good!!

4. Luxie Beauty Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249 – I received this in an Ipsy bag a month or two ago and for some reason this exact brush is not available on their website but you can get either end of this brush as a single if that makes sense.  I usually hate dual ended brushes.  As convenient as they are to travel with they are a pain in the ass to store.  But I have kept this brush in my travel makeup bag and use it regularly!

5. Bath & Body Works Wallflowers Fragrance Refill in Tiki Beach – I am very picky about my Wallflower scents (PS if y’all don’t use Wallflowers in your homes, I highly suggest you do).  I don’t know what got into me but recently I sent Jared to Bath & Body Works on his own (I was at work late) to get me new refills.  He knows my go to’s for Fall but since it was the change of a season, all of their Spring scents were out and I don’t have a specific scent that I love for Spring.  I told him I wanted something clean, and I usually like citrus or coconut scents.  It was a mess at first (he started sending me pictures like I could some how magically smell them through the phone) but finally ended up getting this scent and I LOVED IT!!!  It is a very clean almost vanilla coconut scent, perfect for Spring.  I will definitely be repurchasing this scent!

6. Colourpop Super Shock Highlighter in Lunch Money – I have been wanting to try out a Colourpop Highlighter for a while now but when the time comes for a Colourpop order (trust me when I say the time comes often) I always decide against it.  I like to keep my Colourpop order totals to a minimum since I make quite of a few of them (I like to spend just enough to get free shipping), and since the highlighters aren’t the usual five and six dollars I usually end up deleting them from my cart.  However, now that Ulta and Sephora are now carrying Colourpop, I have no excuse, so I went out and made a purchase and am quickly becoming obsessed with this shade.  It is a light gold color which is perfect for my less tan months!

7. Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint Mascara – Definitely didn’t think I was going to like this mascara as much as I did.  I wouldn’t say it is my Holy Grail of mascara’s but it is really good for every day use.  It doesn’t clump my lashes together and

8. Hearth & Hand With Magnolia Eucalyptus Wreath – Y’all the story behind this wreath!  Let me tell you, I have been searching for the perfect wreath for my powder room and the only two that I loved were either sold out (this one) or way too expensive (seriously, who would pay $100 for a fake magnolia wreath).  Anyways I happened to see this one was available in Florence which is like an hour from my home.  I called twice, once getting hung up on and the second time I hung up after being put on hold for over 15 minutes.  Jared knew how bad I wanted this wreath so he said screw it and we drove to Florence in pouring down rain at 7:00pm on a Tuesday.  Long story short we got there and they didn’t have and had no reason for why it said it was in stock online.  Fast forward to four days later when Jared and I just happened to be in Target for no reason (lol that happens way more than it should) and I happened to stumble upon this wreath!!!! I almost cried.  So anyways, it couldn’t be any more perfect and totally worth all the hassle!!

9. Amazon Fire HD 8 with Alexa – So like I told y’all last month, Jared won sales person of the year for his department at work and when we went to his work’s banquet they gave him a goodie bag with tons of cool things like power banks, gift cards, etc.  I however lucked up because one of the things in his goodie bag was this tablet.  Now Jared and I both have iPads but I hate using the kindle app on mine because it is kinda slow so Jared let me have this tablet and I love it!!  You can download apps like Netflix and Facebook as well as various games but honestly (because I often use my iPad for those things) I have been using this solely to read on.  Plus it is backlit which is perfect for reading by the pool or on the beach AND it is super affordable!!!!


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