Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ladies (and gentlemen), I know we all love our mother’s, so much so that we love to shower them with gifts on their special day!  I for one always have a hard time picking out gifts for my mom simply because I love finding the perfect thing.  I am like this with any gift I give but mostly with my mom, so any holiday celebrating her consists of me brainstorming and running around trying to find exactly what I’m looking for!

I’ve already gotten my Mother’s Day gift for my mom (which might consist of one or two things off this list) but I usually struggle and don’t find the perfect gift until the last minute so these gift list’s are my favorite.  I always need a little push in the right direction when I am lost in the gift giving department.  I tried to add a little bit of everything to this list from jewelry to clothes to electronics and everything in between.  Y’all make sure to let me know what you’re getting your sweet mama’s in the comments below!  Happy {early} Mother’s Day!!

The List:

1. Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace
Anything Kendra Scott is a good idea for a Mother’s Day gift!  I personally own this necklace and it is a great staple piece for anyone.  It comes in so many colors and goes with just about anything!

2. Capri Blue Signature Jar Candle in Volcano
Candles are often my go to for when I don’t know what to get my mom (that and wine) and this is seriously the best smelling candle ever!  If you don’t believe me just walk into your nearest Anthropologie and see for your self!

3. Magnolia Table Cookbook by Joanna Gaines
If your mom is anything like mine, she is always in need of a cookbook (my mom doesn’t cook… haha).  I picked this one up the other day and am already trying to decide which recipe I want to make first!  Plus we all want to be Joanna Gaines (even our moms) so that makes this gift all the more perfect!

4. MVMT Boulevard Leather Strap Watch
I literally can not think of any other reason for this watch to be on this list other than why wouldn’t your mom want this for Mother’s Day?!  I personally don’t own a MVMT watch but have heard really good things, plus they are super affordable which makes them the perfect gift!!

5. Ugg Women’s Aira Knit Slipper
When I saw these I just knew they were going to make the list.  I have the suede ones but am loving the knit look of these!  My mom is a big slipper/house shoe person so I think these would be the perfect gift!

6. Corkcicle Stemless Wineglass
I have also gifted this to my mom recently and she absolutely loved it.  I have a Silhouette machine that I can make vinyl stickers with so I made sure to monogram it before giving it to her which ended up looking super cute!

7. Fresh Sugar Kisses Lip Kit
Fresh products are the best and any of their products will make a perfect gift for Mom but these Sugar Lips are are by far my favorite.

8. JBL Clip 2
I actually got my mom this for Mother’s day last year so she can bring it out by her pool and listen to music (it is waterproof) and as far as I know she loves it!  It comes in a bunch of colors and small enough for your mom to throw in her purse!

9. Diff Sunglasses in Dash
I am not a mom so I know I have no say, but if one day my kids ever see this, I will ALWAYS want sunglasses as a gift!!!  Only kidding, they don’t have to get me a thing (I’m supposed to say that right?), but I do think sunglasses are always a good idea for a gift and Diff is the perfect reasonably priced option!  They have so many cute styles like these aviators that I am currently in love with!

10. J Crew Gingham Pajama Set
What girl doesn’t want the cutest PJ set ever?!  I mean come on, these gingham pajamas look super comfy, perfect for any mom!

Honorable Mentions:

11. Gift Cards
Homegoods, Target, William Sonoma, Lowes, Sephora/Ulta, Old Navy, Nordstrom, Crate & Barrel, this list could go on forever!

12. Flowers
Now this can be one of two things.  You could go the obvious route and get a bouquet of flowers, or you could do like I’ve done in past years and get a nice potted plant and pick her out a cute planter to go with it!  I love to hit up TJ Maxx and Homegoods for cute planters that are extremely affordable.

13.  Handmade goods
I tend to go this route when I am tight on money.  I absolutely love crafting and sometimes think handmade gifts are the most personable gifts.


Until Next Time,

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