April Favorites

Is it weird that I feel like I don’t even remember April?  I seriously just had to look back through my photo album on my phone to see what happened this month.  Other than working the Master’s, going to a few baseball games, and doing a few things around the house not much really went on.  Oh wait, Anna and I did get to try this bomb ice cream sandwich shop that just opened up in downtown Columbia, so that was pretty cool!  I also don’t think I made a ton of new purchases this month so this list is going to be fairly short.  Oh well, it happens!  Hope y’all had a fab April, now on to the next one.

april favorites.jpg

The List

1.  Hunter for Target Small Wristlet
Okay so this Item may be sold out by the time this post goes live, but I still wanted to add it because I have been absolutely loving  it recently.  Jared picked it up for me on the day of the Hunter Launch.  It was really the only thing I had my eye on from this collab and I am so glad that I got my hands on it!  Now although this item may be gone, there are so many other great things in this collection that maybe you will find something you must have!

2.  Magnolia Table Cookbook by Joanna Gaines
I feel like I don’t even need an explanation as to why this is on my favorites list, but I’m going to anyways!  I may have bought this simply because I am obsessed with Joanna but as soon as I started flipping through the pages I knew this cookbook was gold!  Currently I am dying to try all of the quiche recipes (there are like 6!!!!).

3.  Rae Dunn
I don’t know if this is a craze where y’all are from but it is totally nuts in my hometown.  And I am one of those crazies that is obsessed.  So for those of you that don’t know, Rae Dunn creates the cutest pottery pieces that are mainly found at TJ Maxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls.  She has a lot of different pieces but the most sought after are the pieces that have the long letters like the one in the picture above.  I just recently started collection but I must say I am very proud of my collection so far!

4. Mom
I used to watch this if I was flipping through stations and couldn’t find anything better on, but the more I watched it the more I loved it.  Fast forward to now, I am currently on season two after having binge watched the entire first season in two or three days.  I can’t wait to catch up with the current season that is airing so I won’t feel obligated to change the channel every time it is on tv now.

5.  A New Day Gingham Neck Scarf
I got this cutie not too long ago and I have been using it like crazy!  I have been obsessed with wearing it both as a neck scarf and a headband.  I know I’ve said this before but I am so lazy when it comes to my hair (especially early in the morning), so I have been loving to tie it up in my hair like a headband and go on with my day!

6. BarkThins
I CANNOT STOP EATING THESE!!!! HELP ME!!!!  No but seriously I am ridiculously obsessed with these.  I have never really been a big sweets eater especially not chocolate, but lately I have been eating dark chocolate occasionally since it isn’t as sweet at milk chocolate.  I caught wind of these through a fellow blogger who is always eating them on her InstaStories.  I happened to see they were on sale at Target and decided to grab a few bags.  Hands down the mint are favorite but the almond ones are super good too!  If you like dark chocolate go pick up a bag of these next time you’re at Target!

7. Kendra Scott Chelsea Pendant Necklace
I got this necklace not too long ago and have fully replaced my Eliza necklace that I was wearing on the reg.  It is like a mini version of the Eliza necklace and has a slightly longer chain (which might be my favorite part).  I highly suggest if you’re looking to purchase a Kendra Scott necklace go with this one, don’t be basic and go with the Eliza (JK I have two Eliza necklaces so I’m also a little basic…)

8. Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Comfort Matte in Temper
I have had this for a while but don’t recall ever being obsessed with it, that is until recently.  I was digging through my (never-ending) lipstick collection a few weeks ago and stumbled across this shade and decided to give it a whirl.  I’m glad I did because I have worn it several times since then.  It is the cutest orangey-red shade that is perfect for Spring.

Until Next Time,

2 thoughts on “April Favorites

  1. I enjoyed reading this a lot! Blogging about things that you enjoy makes readers feel that you are someone they can relate to and talk to. I should do a monthly favorites blog, but with work and school, I wasn’t really doing anything else. I hope to really get back into blogging more frequently!

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