May Favorites

Well y’all, this is almost like a full circle moment for me.  This May Favorites post was the first ever post that Anna and I every did on the blog.  So that means it is officially ONE YEAR since we started blogging.  HOLY COW.  I can’t even believe its been a whole year.  I might get a little sappy but I’ll save that for the blogiversary post (coming soon)!!

Anyways, how was y’all’s May?!  Mine was pretty low key.  Or I guess it seemed like it was but the more I think about it I had a lot going on.  Between baseball games, Mother’s day, and my dad’s birthday we did quite a bit of running around.  Plus we just started renovating our guest bedroom, which I am super excited to share with y’all when it is done (we are going extremely slow with this room because I am having a hard time finding everything I am looking for for it, plus I can’t decided on a paint color to save my life).  We did spend a few days last week making a headboard out of the hardwood flooring that was in Jared’s Grandma’s old house (long story, I’ll go more into detail when I make a post on that room).

As far as new and favorite items go for this month, I feel like I bought a good many new things, most of which I loved, but I am having the hardest time remembering some of the things I bought.  I swear I have the worst memory.  Ugh!  A lot of these items are items that I have had for awhile and are reusing again or are just now getting to use them.  Let me know in the comments below what some of your favorite products are from the month of May!!


May Favorites

The List

1. Butter London Double Decker Mascara – Okay so I got this mascara in a Boxycharm box a few months ago and 100% set it to the side and forgot about it.  I just have so many mascara’s that I hate to have a ton of opened ones at once.  But one of my favorites ran out and I was being slack on repurchasing it so I decided to give the one a go and I’m not mad at it.  I wouldn’t say this is hands down my favorite mascara on the planet but it gets the job done.  I would say it definitely makes my lashes look fuller, the only down fall is that it does get a little clumpy if you aren’t careful.  I would consider repurchasing this Mascara when this one runs out (which would probably be a while since it is such a huge tube!)

2. RayBan Original Aviators – These aren’t super new to me in the sense that I already own a few pair in this style.  However, this lens color is new to me and I am super excited to finally have these babies in my possession.  I have been wanting these original green lens aviators forever but every time I go to purchase them I fall in love with a different color and go with those.  I remember when I used to work at a surf shop in my hometown that sold RayBans, I would always say I was going to buy these and when the time came to buy them I would find a reason why I needed a different pair more.  I finally decided to pull the trigger a couple weeks ago and I am so happy that I did.  Aviators are my favorite and this color is so classic!

3. Essie Nail Polish in Muchi Muchi – This is one of my go to pedicure color in the Spring.  It is the prettiest pale pink color.  I love a good neutral color on my toes but sometimes like to venture out with a little color, so this is def a win win for me!

4. Jersey Shore Family Vacation – Y’all, this is my guilty pleasure.  I used to watch Jersey shore back in the day and not tell a single soul.  I don’t know why but this show draws me in every time, so I was super excited to see that the gang was back.  And let me tell you, they do not disappoint!  If you were a fan of the old show I highly suggest catching up on their “family vacation”.  I promise they are still the same hot mess they were in the beginning.  Plus I die for Vinny and Pauly’s bromance.  Ugh, I love them!

5. Colourpop Creme Gel Liner in Swerve – Honestly, I switch back and fourth between black eyeliners all the time and this just happens to be my go to this month.  I love Colourpop’s gel liners so much, they never disappoint.  This one is often my favorite for tightlinning and occasionally I’ll put it in my water line as well.  The color pay off is perfect and it has a great longevity!  Plus did I mention that they are only $5?!?!  Best part, I know!  You’re welcome!

6. A New Day Anorak Jacket – Funny story, when I was working the Master’s tournament last month, I saw a girl with this raincoat on across the golf shop and was too far away from her to ask where she got it from.  So I went home and did some heavy internet sleuthing and FOUND IT!!! I mean come on, what are the chances.  AND it was only $40 at Target.  Seriously could not get better.  I hadn’t really been able to wear it much until these past two or three weeks because it had been monsooning like crazy out.  I LOVE THIS RAINCOAT!!

7. The BrowGal The Instatint in Brown Hair – This is another BoxyCharm score that I will DEFINITELY be repurchasing.  I have always been a stick clear brow gel kinda gal.  That was until I tested out this bad boy that came in last months box and I DIE for it!  My only complaint would be that the color might could be a little bit darker, but I’m not even mad at it!  It makes my brows look whispy which is goals for me, and they aren’t rock hard like my clear brown gel makes them (which I don’t hate because I have a bad habit of touching my face so sometimes I need my brows to stay exactly where they are).

8. Jadelynn Brook Crossbody – So, at USC sporting events, they have a clear bag policy which I used to be kinda eh about because I don’t need anyone trying to read my credit card numbers or anything plus all the clear bags I could find are very cheap looking, so I always just put my cards in Jared’s wallet, and my chapstick in his pocket (which he complains about EVERY SINGLE TIME).  I don’t remember where I came across this bag but I ended up getting it right at the end of football season last year so I haven’t been able to really try it out.  I completely forgot about it until about half way through baseball season and was super excited to finally get to use it!  I am obsessed with it and seriously can’t wait to use it during football season too!  It is the perfect size, and seriously the cutest clear bag I’ve ever seen!



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