When Life Gives You This Lemon OTS Top…

You make it into this cute outfit, am I right?!

I know I talk about this all the time, but I seriously struggle so hard when it comes to beating the heat.  I have to convince myself on the regular not to give up and drive the 45 minutes to my mom’s house just to lay in her pool.  I’ve also had to be talked off the ledge a few times by Jared, because I keep wanting to buy a kiddie pool to fill up and lay in in the back yard, but that will apparently kill the grass, and he loves that damn grass so it’s whatever.

One thing that has saved me from the heat this Spring has been off the shoulder tops.  I feel like I have been buying them in bulk lately.  But I am okay with that because they seem to keep me cool, plus they are so stinking cute how could you not want a million of them?!

I originally didn’t plan on making a whole post about this look.  I wore it a few days ago and was just supposed to take a quick Insta pic, but fell in love with the whole outfit, so naturally I made Jared pull the car over and snap a few quick pictures!  I’m glad I did because how could you not love this top?!  I actually picked it up from my local Plato’s Closet about a week ago and have been dying to wear it.  Originally I had it paired with white skinnies and some cute flatforms, but wow is it hot in South Carolina right now.  I felt like I was melting the second I walked outside in pants.  So I quickly changed into these American Eagle shorts that I got on sale not too long ago and felt way better (by way better I mean, as “better” as you can feel in 90+ degree weather).  As always, if y’all have any tips or tricks to help me beat the heat (especially with Summer right around the corner), let me know ASAP, until then I’ll be over here melting away.

Top: Unique Spectrum (similar) | Shorts: American Eagle | Shoes: Gaimo Espadrilles | Hat: Brixton | Earrings: Vanessa Mooney


Until Next Time,

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