June Favorites

Goodbye June!  Hello July!!

July is one of my favorite months ever so I feel like I am always trying to rush through the month of June to get to July and all of it’s funness.  June was eventful in its own way though.  Anna and I celebrated our one year blogiversary and that was super big in itself!!  We didn’t do much but we were able to celebrate by going to The Big Mo which is a drive in movie theatre like 45 minutes from my house.  I absolutely love going to The Big Mo because although it is a bit of a drive, it is so much fun because you pay $9 and get to see two (TWO!!!) movies that recently released in theaters.  We ended up seeing Adrift (which I had been dying to see) and the Overboard remake.  First things first Adrift was AMAZING (hence why it made it’s way on this list, SPOILER ALERT).  Seriously, I was so shook from this movie I had a hard time talking about it for like a week.  I could say SOOO much more about this movie but I’ll save it for the review below.  I actually ended up liking the Overboard remake a lot more than I thought I would.  The original is one of my hands down favorite movies so I had high expectations.  It was definitely a good laugh.

The rest of the month was pretty much filled with work, watching the College World Series, and gearing up for our annual Fourth of July beach trip!  Jared and I also made a little time to head to the beach house at the beginning of the month just to get away for a bit, which was very much needed.  But anyways, June is over, July is here, and although the Fourth is already over and our beach trip has ended I am excited to see what kind of trouble we are going to get into this month.

PS: keep an eye out for our Fourth of July beach trip recap hopefully coming up at the end of this week!  Fingers crossed though, I’ve been super slack lately.  Currently trying to get out of vacation mode.


june favorites

1. Too Faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush in Peach Beach – I bought this blush at Ulta like a year or so ago because it was in on of their 25 days of beauty sales and I can’t resist those to save my life.  I feel like half of my make up collection is because of this sale they do twice a year.  Anyways, I bought this as an impulse buy and never really used it.  I’m just not normally a huge fan of shimmery blushes but I was grabbing for my highlight and it caught my eye so I decided to use it and I have not stopped using it since. It is perfect for a natural glowy Summer look.

2. Anthropologie Springworthy Bandana – I have been loving the bandana trend recently and decided to collect a little stash of them.  This one is on of my recent purchases and I have been obsessed with it.  I tend to grab for neutral bandanas since they will go with everything but something about the colors in this one grabbed my eye and I wear it a lot more than I thought I would!!

3. Brixton Joanna Straw Hat – If y’all follow us on Instagram, you know I can’t stop wearing this hat.  It has been indefinitely on my wishlist for almost a year now and I finally splurged and bought it last month and DO NOT regret it one bit.  I seriously am finding myself planning my outfits around this hat and I’m not even mad at it. If you’re in the market for a good straw hat for the Summer, this one’s your guy!

4. Ahava Time to Clear Purifying Mud Mask – This is another one of my Ipsy finds!  I got this a couple months ago in a bag and put it my container of skincare products that I need to try out.  I tend to put things in this box and grab one out every time I run out of the current one I’m testing out.  I usually tend to go for peel off masks but this just happened to be the mask I pulled out that this time.  For a “purifying” mask this one ended up being really good.  It does what it says it does and that’s all I asked of it.  It will definitely be a repurchase when I reach the end of the bottle.

5. Southern Charm – I don’t think I have ever talked about this show on here which is weird for me because between this show and Vanderpump Rules they are hands down my favorite shows on TV right now.  I originally started watching this show because I used to be obsessed with Cameran Eubanks (now Wimberly) and her season of the Real World (San Diego I think), and also because well it is filmed in Charleston, SC which is like two hours from my hometown and I have been going there often since I was little.  First of all I would like to go on record saying I am STILL just as obsessed with Cameran as I was before, if not even more now.  She is my spirit animal 110%.  Ugh I love her.  Anyways this show is so good, with lots of drama and plenty of laughs.  I also think I convinced Anna to start watching this show after we ran into Thomas Ravenel and his annoying girlfriend Ashley at the grocery store in Edisto this past weekend (Ill talk more about this in my beach trip recap later this week).

6. Peak Zhang Light Brown Genuine Leather Apple Watch Band – So the countertops at the golf shop I work at during Master’s week are copper and my watch band from my Apple watch is a light grey color so a weeks worth of rubbing my hands on those counter tops turned the bottoms side of my band green so it was time for me to get a new band.  I usually check Amazon for everything before I look else wear.  My mom has Amazon Prime so she ended up getting this one for me and I love it.  I can’t say it is truthfully 100% leather but it doesn’t matter, it does the trick and it’s perfect for every day wear.

7. Adrift – Like I said before I was absolutely SHOOK from his movie.  It was so freaking good.  I originally saw that it was a true story and instantly started doing research about the real life behind this movie.  After reading about it I remembered having heard about this story a couple years back (which is weird because it happened in the 80’s, and I wasn’t alive then).  Prior to seeing the movie I was a little unsure because by watching the previews and knowing what happened in real life I felt like they weren’t going to portray the story how it actually happened but although they changed a few things around they did a really good job at staying true to their story.  I loved it, go watch this movie ASAP!!

8.  Tarte Tartelettte Amazonian Clay Matte Palette – This is another one of those products that I used a lot in the past and then found something else to use it in it’s place and just recently picked back up again.  As of lately this is the only palette I have been reaching for.  It has such a good range of mattes that it is pretty much all I need in a palette!


Until Next Time,

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