4th of July Beach Trip Recap + Bravolebrity Sighting

Y’all, I don’t know why it took me so long to get this post up but here it is!

So Jared and I have been going to my family’s beach house in Edisto for the 4th of July for about 8 years now.  I love this little tradition we have especially because the 4th is one of my absolute favorite holidays.  Last year was the first year Anna and her boyfriend Thomas came down with us and I am so glad they were able to come down again this year.  This year our friend Bailey and her boyfriend Austin came down with us for a few days which was nice because when it comes to the beach, the more the merrier.

We ended up staying a little longer this year than we normally stay.  When we first started going to the beach for the Fourth we’d only go for a weekend trip, then it turned into a long weekend and this year we ended up going for about five days.  Like I’ve said before, Edisto is so small, so I felt kind of nervous that we were going to run out of things to do being there for a lot longer than normal but I actually left wishing we had more time so that was obviously not the case.

PS:  I mentioned before that I was going to do an Edisto travel guide but I ended up slacking when it came to blogging the whole week which was actually pretty nice because we were able to relax and disconnect a little.  So hopefully I can work on that when we go back next month but if not feel free to let me know if you plan of visiting Edisto and I can give you plenty of recommendations!



What We Did

So fun fact.  Anna, our friend Bailey, and I all work together and all three ended up working the same shift on Tuesday so we decided to have the guys meet us at work and leave straight for the beach from there.  Edisto is about a two and a half hour drive from Columbia, so we ended up getting to the beach pretty late.  On the ride down we were talking about just going to bed since we had to wake up pretty early and get a good spot on the beach the next day but we must have gotten a second wind because once we unloaded out cars we all decided to play Cards Against Humanity.  First of all, if you’ve never played this game you are missing out because it is literally one of mine and Jared all time favorites, we usually bring it with us anytime we getting together with a bunch of friends.  After we decided we were don’t playing Cards, we decided to take a quick walk on the beach because who doesn’t go for a stroll on the beach at two in the morning?!

The next morning was the Fourth of July and I don’t know how we all managed to get out of bed.  We stayed up so late/drank a little too much the night before but somehow Jared and Thomas were able to get up early enough to get a good spot and set up our tent/chairs.  After they got back we ended up making breakfast and hanging out for a little bit at the house praying that the rain storm that suddenly appeared would go away soon.  I was seriously on the verge of going down to the beach and sitting there in the rain because there isn’t much that can stop me from celebrating the Fourth with a drink in my hand and my toes in the sand (that rhymed, Zach Brown Band would be proud of that one).  Anyways, the rain finally went away and we spend the majority of the day floating in the water just relaxing.  One of the reasons we love being at the beach on the Fourth is they do a really cool fly over down the east coast.  They usually hit Edisto around 1:00-1:30 so we made sure we were present for that!


After the beach we all headed back and showered then ate dinner.  We decided to keep it low key, so we made burger and hot dogs on the grill.  After dinner we headed to the end of the island where we watched the firework show that they put on every year.  I love the part because it seriously is the best way to wind down after long day of sun and alcohol.


The next day was a little more low key.  Bailey and Austin were leaving that afternoon so we all decided to wake up early and go to breakfast at the Seacow (one of my absolute favorite places on the island, I talked about it in my last Edisto recap post).  After breakfast we headed back to the house and hung out for a little while until Bailey and Austin headed out to finish their vacation in Charleston!  Anna, Thomas, Jared and I made our way to the beach and hung out there until around lunch time where we went to my absolute favorite, Flower’s Seafood, where we grabbed some shrimp to make beaufort stew for dinner (I also picked up a soft-shell crab plate because I can’t come to Edisto and not get soft-shell crab from Flowers).  We ended up going back home after this and cleaning up then started prepping for dinner.  After dinner we played a game Anna brought called Codename.  It was confusing as shit but once you figured it out it was SO much fun (we actually ended up playing this almost every night).


Friday was pretty much the same as Thursday.  We woke up early, made breakfast and headed to the beach (see the pattern here, the beach is clearly all we came for and honestly I’m not mad at it).


After the beach we decided we didn’t feel like cooking so we all freshened up and went out to dinner at McKonkey’s Jungle Shack.  We did make a little pit stop before dinner to try and take pictures in the sunflower fields at Botany Bay but we came across a few things (i.e. no blooms on the flowers oh and they were also surrounded by electric fences, ugh shame on them.  They should have known Anna and I needed to do it for the gram, whatever).  We improvised and snapped a few pics at the marsh and then headed to dinner.  Again, I slacked and blogging and didn’t get a ton of pictures so there’s that.


Okay so Saturday was our last full day in Edisto so we decided to spend the whole day at the beach.  It ended up raining around 4 or 5 so we did go back a little earlier than we wanted to but we had a lot of time to lay out and play in the water so all was well.  We grilled out again this night and made Kabobs.  They were amazing!  After dinner we decided to be spontainous and drive to Charleston to go to Krispy Kreme for chocolate glazed doughnuts (one day only special).  But ended up finding out that the KK in Charleston didn’t have them so we turned around before we got off the island and decided to head to the grocery store and pick up something for dessert since we all of a sudden all had a sweet tooth.


Okay so this is where things got crazy.  I think I might have roughly talked about this in my June Favorites post last week, but I am a HUGE fan of the show Southern Charm on Bravo.  I started watching this both because I used to be obsessed with Cameran Eubanks (Wimberly) when she was on The Real World: San Diego a million years ago and because it is filmed in Charleston which is right down the road from our home town (PS I am still obsessed with her, she is 100% my spirit animal).  Anyways, Thomas Ravenel, who is one of the people on this show, has a plantation home on Edisto Island and Jared and I literally joked all week about running into him on the island (which is highly unlikely because I’m pretty sure he lives in Charleston full time but whatever).  Anyways, we had just turned around after deciding Charleston was a bad idea so late at night and passed the Old Post Office (which is a really fancy restaurant on the main road heading to the beach).  When we passed it we saw a blue G Wagon, which if you know what that is you know it’s not a super common car to see on a small southern island.  Jared and I instantly thought it might be TRav’s car because we both knew from watching the show that that is what he drove and you don’t see many of them in blue when you see them so the possibility was good.  Okay so fast forward to us shopping around the grocery store.  We decided to make smores and grabbed all the goods and headed to check out.  This is when I made things a little creepy, don’t judge, you probably would have done the same!!  So Anna and I were checking out when Jared walked in the store and told me Thomas Ravenel and his (horrible) girlfriend Ashley just walked into the grocery store.  I unfortunately didn’t see them so me being me, I handed Jared my bags and took another lap around the store.  Sure enough just as I was heading out there they were right in front of me.  Like I said before I have no shame so I snapped this quick pick just to prove that it actually happened.  Whatever.  Anyways, if any of y’all watch this show y’all know how awful of a person Ashley is and I would like to go on record saying this is NOT an act.  She was just as bratty and spoiled in person.  She literally decided that the three people in line in front of her were too many and huffed and puffed and very loudly stated how ridiculous this is (sorry princess you have to wait in line for less than five minutes.  Seriously if you could have seen how hard I rolled my eyes) and proceeded to put her ice cream that they drove all the way there for back.  Although I wish I could have ran into someone a little more likeable like Cameron or Chelsea, shit I would have even been happy running into Craig (Jared has a little man crush on Shep so he probably would have loved that instead), but this still make a good story to tell so it was pretty cool!  (Again, I know this was super creepy, I have absolutely no shame).


Ugh, Sunday was sad, as nice as it was to get away from Cola and relax a little, we were all ready to get home and see our pups.  After cleaning the house and packing up, we decided last minute to hit up Charleston on the way home.  It was perfect because they have do the coolest thing called Second Sunday where they shut down King street and kind of have a street festival.  A lot of the restaurants set up tables outside and musicians will come out and play.  It was a lot of fun and reminded me of a bigger version of Soda City (columbia’s little farmers market type event they have every Saturday morning on Main Street).  Anna, they guys, and I dipped in and out of some of the cute boutiques on King street and grabbed a few King Pops (OMG these were amaze!!  I got a sweet tea/lemonade one that was to die for).  The sun wore us out so we headed home shortly after this.


I seriously could not ask for a better trip.  I am so glad that we are fortunate enough to have a beach house that we can go to whenever we need to get away from Columbia.  Like I said before, if anyone is planning a trip to Edisto, let me know and I can give you recommendations galore!!


Until Next Time,

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