Getting Comfortable with Crop Tops

It’s time to get real.

Okay so fun fact, I always tend to steer clear of crop tops and tight fitting clothes because like every other person on the planet I am not 100% comfortable with my body.  My issue area has always been my stomach so I have always been good at finding ways to hide it.  The only thing that sucks about this is I die to be able to tuck my shirt in or buy a cute crop.  Now I know what you all are thinking, if you have a problem, do something about it!  I’m trying, but it’s a slow process.  So for the time being I’m trying to find ways to get around my insecurities.

Recently, I discovered that I can get away with wearing a crop top and feeling totally comfortable if I wear them with a skirt.  This sounds kinda random, because if I can wear a skirt with them then why not a pair of shorts?  I can’t honestly say exactly why I am okay wearing a crop with a skirt but I think it has something to do with how skirts don’t cling to my stomach.  I usually feel comfortable when my clothes are loose and not sticking to my body so denim skirts have recently been my friend!

I bought a cute denim skirt recently from Target but the more I wore it the more I fell out of love with it.  It was kinda plain with no distressing or other embellishments so I went out on a man hunt to find the perfect denim skirt.  I found this one at Forever 21 and have been wearing it non-stop.  It was exactly what I was looking for and very affordable.  Now the crop was a whole other story.  I was shopping at Target one day about a month ago and saw this top and fell in love but instantly put it back because it was a crop and I knew I would never wear it.  I kept shopping but couldn’t stop thinking about the shirt so I went back and grabbed it and decided to buy it and if I couldn’t find something to wear it with at home I would return it.  Well that was not the best idea because I forgot about it in my closet and now it was too late to return.  So I was forced to make it work!

So moral of the story is, we all have our insecurities and while you’re working on them/trying to get over them, there are ways around them to make you feel a little bit better!


Top: Target (similar) | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Gaimo (similar) | Hat: Brixton |
Lippie: Too Faced (similar)


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