Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale: How to Shop & What to Buy

Okay y’all, I am cranking this one out as fast as I can so I can help y’all start shopping the Lilly sale ASAP (if you haven’t already)!  I know I am a day late getting this post up (I wanted to have it up right after the sale went live but with the long queue lines and site glitches I was having, that just didn’t work out).  So here I am assuming most of y’all have already made your purchases but hoping a few of y’all were waiting to see what new goodies they are putting out each day.  Just a quick side note, I have been in love with Lilly Pulitzer for years (I literally have a closet designated for my Lilly clothes, crazy right?).  In the past few years my style has evolved like everyone else and although I tend to be a little less preppy than I used to be, I still lust over the Lilly Pulitzer section at Belk.  I’m just telling you this simply because I know you don’t see a lot of Lilly pieces popping up on the blog or my Insta, but it still has a special place in my heart, therefore I make it a point to shop this sale every year!

So in my opinion the number one thing to do when shopping this sale is to already have an account with Lilly Pulitzer with you card number and shipping info already set up.  Some people don’t like keeping their personal info online and I get that but with things selling out so quick during this sale, this is always a good idea.  Now for me the next step has no rhyme or reason and I have no specific way of helping you get through the queue faster but in my personal opinion there are things you can do to make it go by a little faster in your head…  I usually shop this sale every year so I have a routine.  I usually start by setting my alarm about five minuets before the site launches, that way I can grab my computer and pull up an internet browser.  As soon as it’s go time I usually hop in their virtual line (or queue), I usually have horrible luck and this line takes anywhere from about 30 minutes to an hour and a half (I know, I know, that’s a long ass time, but this sale really is worth the wait).  While I’m waiting I’ll grab a cup of coffee and start getting ready for the day.  I usually like to have the Lilly website pulled up on my laptop as opposed to my iMac, that way I can carry it around room to room while I’m getting ready for the day and waiting my turn in line.  Yesterday was a little weird for me because when I logged on it took me right to the site, no waiting or anything, which was great until I loaded my cart up hit check out and it randomly put me in the queue.  So I had to wait over an hour to get back into the website and redo all of my shopping.  That was super frustrating but whatever, I was able to get everything I originally put in my cart!

Once you finally get into the website it is go time, I usually suggest having an idea of the things you are looking for, because some of them go fast.  I have had multiple times where items I put in my cart are no longer available in my size or pattern by the time I go to check out.  One thing I suggest is if there is one thing you are absolutely dyyyyingggg for, to put it in your cart, check out really quick and hop back in line for the rest.  Last but not least, I just want to remind you that they put new stuff out all three days, so try not to go overboard on the first day (which isn’t really helpful this time around since it’s day two but whatever, there’s always next time)!

That’s all i’ve got for you folks!  I hope this was in the tiniest bit helpful because I know this sale can be overwhelming.  I remember my first time shopping it was very stressful and I definitely could have used a few suggestions.  Any who, good luck ladies, I hope this is a successful sale!

PS, here are a few of my favorite pieces from the sale, let me know some of y’alls favorites!!



UPF 50+ Skipper Printed Popover

windsor dress
Windsor Strapless Pull-on Dress

cosmetic case
Travel Cosmetic Case

margot swing dress
Margo Swing Dress

sain top
Sain Top

esmeralda dress
Esmeralda Dress

donna romper
Donna Romper

callahan chino
31″ Callahan Chino

bag charm
Seaside Scarf Bag Charm

tensley top
Tensley Top

gabby shift
Gabby Shift Dress

devina dress
Devina Stretch Dress

lexi dress
Lexi Dress


Until Next Time,

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