Fall Wishlist 2018

I am literally living for the hope that Fall is just around the corner (we all know this is a joke because I live in South Carolina and Fall starts around the end of October, early November for us).  So for now I am sitting here stocking up my closet with all of the fabulous Fall clothes I can’t wear for another two months.  It’s a struggle but I’ve lived this my whole life so whatever.

So I’m pretty sure my absolute favorite thing about Fall fashion is boots.  Especially ankle booties.  I don’t have any rhyme or reason as to why they are my favorite, and honestly this might change 65 times before Fall even gets here, but right now I’m living for the booties.  It seriously took me like an hour to narrow down all of the ankle boots I’ve had my eye on for Fall to the one Steven Madden pair below.  I will say I am kind of proud of myself for having an even amount of clothing and accessories on this list because I am a sucker for cute accessories so they normally dominate these kinds of things.

Anyways, I am trying to keep this short and sweet and let the products do the talking for themselves, but just a quick life update, nothing too new going on here (that was super exciting/informative right?!).  We have been super busy with football season starting, our friends moving back home from New Jersey, work, and all that jazz.  Other than that nothing too exciting to share, sorry.  Jared and I are however contemplating going to Nashville this weekend for the game (since last weeks game was cancelled due to the impending storm) but the fact that it is like five days away and we have no hotel, no tickets, no plans, nothing is giving me a great deal of anxiety.  I think after being cooped up in the house this weekend with anticipation of Hurricane Flo, Jared is ready to get out of the house and do something, just wasn’t expecting something this extreme!  So if y’all see a Nashville travel guide/what we did in Nashville post pop up in a week, you know who won this battle.


The List

Fall Wishlist 2018

1. Charlie Southern I Put A Spell On You T-Shirt
Like most basic betches, one of my all time favorite movies is Hocus Pocus.  Honestly I think if you grew up in the 90’s you kinda have to be obsessed with this movie.  I was perusing through Riff Raff’s website  the other day, you know, doing a little window shopping and came across this cutie.  I HAVE TO HAVE IT.  I honestly won’t be surprised if I have already ordered it by the time this post goes live!

2. Steve Madden Conspire Booties in Natural Snake
I DIE for anything snake skin.  Seriously it is everything to me right now.  Therefore I need everything I can possibly get my hands on in this print including this cute pair of ankle booties!  I think I had a pair of snake skin ankle boots in my ankle boot round up last Fall and I never got those so now is a perfect time for me to make up for that!  (PS, Target has a much cheaper version of these cuties HERE).

3. Red Dress Not Worried Burgundy Overall Jumper
I am always looking for the perfect gameday pieces and I have being dying to snag this cutie to wear with a cute sweater underneath for a cooler game.  I am however a little iffy on the sizing of this dress so if anyone has any recommendations for alternate options if this one doesn’t work out I would greatly appreciate it!

4. Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Molasses
I may or may not have more lipstick than any one girl needs but I mean I like to have my options you know?  Finding the perfect Fall color is my favorite thing at the change of the season and I think I might have found my color for this year!  I absolutely love the formula of Bite Beauties Lipsticks so I think I will definitely be picking this one up soon!

5. Vestique Destination: Asheville Sweater in Cream
I have been LOVING the distressed sweaters lately.  I found this one not too long ago on one of my many online shopping escapades and I’m pretty sure I need this for Fall ASAP!!  It comes in black too which I’m pretty sure I might need as well…

6. American Eagle Ne(X)t Level Super High-waisted Jegging
Black Jeans are my absolute FAV!!  And I usually go through a pair or two every year.  I have been wanting a pair with distressed knees and these are on sale so chances are these will be mine soon!

7. Lack of Color Zulu Rancher Hat
Hats are my go to accessory for Fall.  I have one Brixton hat I wear the majority of the time and I have lately been obsessed with finding another hat I love just as much as that one so I can switch it up every now and then.  I found this one thanks to SarahBelle93x (I’m sure you all follow her), she is one of the first bloggers/Youtubers I ever followed back in the day and although we don’t have similar styles I am still envious of her wardrobe.  She has this hat in like a million colors and I swoon a little bit every time she wears it, so clearly I must have it!

8. Steve Madden Timid Mules in Cognac
I have been trying for months to get my hand on a pair of nude/cognac colored mules.  Even more so a pair shaped like these.  I’m also a little obsessed with the basket we’ve of these cuties.  I think they will be perfect for Fall!

9. Kate Spade White Rock Road Suede Sam Bag
This bag gives me life!  I have been in the market for a new staple bag and I think this is the one for sure.  It gives me Chloe vibes without the extreme price tag, which is right up my alley.  Pray for me I can convince my husband that I need this cutie!!!

10. Out From Under JoJo Oversized Thermal Button-Front Top
Anna Got this top not too long ago and I absolutely adore it.  The only thing holding me back from purchasing it right this second is I’m not 100% sure which color I want.  I am leaning towards the tan but the ivory one and black one are also calling my name.  I’m honestly not sure what is holding me back from having all three other than my husband might leave me…  The price we pay for fashion am I right?! (JK love you babes)!


Until Next Time,

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