Tuesday Try-Ons

Okay y’all, I am trying something a little new!  I don’t know if y’all follow me on Instagram or not but I posted on my Insta Stories that I have Tuesdays off of work (I usually just hang out doing things around the house).  So I think I am going to start going to a few stores and doing try-ons.  That way I can share with y’all what’s new in stores or what sales are going on!  Now all I have to do is figure out what how to motivate myself to get out of the house and go try stuff one.  Probably coffee, they are building a new Starbucks on my way into town so that’s probably all of the motivation I’ll need.

So today I ran to TJ Maxx and Old Navy to do a try on session.  TJ Maxx didn’t really work out because it was super hot in there and I only found a few cute sweaters to try on so I nixed that idea and headed next door to Old Navy.  And let me tell you I had WAY better luck there.  First of all the AC was cranked way up, so I didn’t melt while trying on all of the clothes I had.  Secondly Old Navy is having a huge sale with everything in the store up to 50% off!!  There were so many good deals that I had to limit myself to what I could try on.  Lord knows I would fall in love with it all and then justify buying because it was on sale!

** Disclaimer:  Our local Old Navy has the WORST lighting, so bare with me because the quality of these pictures is horrible!

Jacket (slightly oversized, I am wearing and x large) | T-Shirt | Pants (super high waisted, fit tts) | Booties

T-Shirt (oversized) | Jeans | Booties

Dress (fits tts, wearing a large)| Booties

Dress (light weight, fits tts, I am wearing a large) | Booties

Top (short sleeve version) | Jeans (high waisted, fits tts, very stretchy) | Booties

Sweater (oversized, wearing and x large, super soft) | Jeans | Booties

Sweater (very oversized, wearing a large, could size down to a medium) | T-Shirt | Jeans | Booties


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