DIY: Last Minute Halloween Costume

Hey y’all!  So I’m sure I’ve told y’all this multiple times but Halloween is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!!  I live for the decorations, parties, and costumes.  I even have a soft sport for the candy which is weird for me because I’m not a huge fan of candy normally.

One thing I am bad at when it comes to Halloween is having 100,000 elaborate costume ideas and waiting until the last minute when it is absolutely too late to accomplish one of these costume ideas.  Therefore, I am the self proclaimed queen of last minute Halloween costumes (DIY of course).  Because of this I have a plethora of last minute costume ideas that I’ve successfully put together over the years.  And although some of them were SUPER last minute, I never half ass anything so they were still pretty epic (casually tooting my own horn).

One of my favorite/go to last minute Halloween costumes is probably the easiest costume you could ever put together in a pinch (it also allows you to relive you childhood a little bit if you grew up in the 90’s like I did).  That costume is a TY beanie baby (please tell me you know what this is, if you don’t, just don’t tell me).  This costume is so simple because all you really need to complete this look is a pair of animal ears and some red and white construction paper.  My go to is usually a cat, which is weird because I hate cats but I have a pair of cat ears and it is so easy to pair it with a little black dress. So lets get down to business.

Step 1:  Make the TY Tag

Step 2:  Find Animal Ears

Step 3:  Make-up

Step 4:  Piece Together a Coordinating Outfit

Until Next Time,

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