Christmas Card Pics + The Softest Sweater EVER

I’m going to be honest.  Nothing in life prepared me for the do’s and don’t’s of Christmas Cards.  As a kid, my parents never really sent out Christmas cards to friends and family, and if they did it was just a hand written card with no picture or anything crazy.  But I have always enjoyed the idea of sending out cards just as a reminder that we are thinking about you during the holidays.  So I made it a point to start doing this with Jared.  At first I thought it might be a little weird since we don’t have kids or anything to show off but eventually I just said screw it.  Last year we did forgo Christmas cards simply because we had just bought a new house and were getting everything settled, but we are back at it again this year.

We actually took these pictures a few weeks ago and it was so freaking hot that Jared convinced me to let him wear shorts.  Which now that I am looking at these pictures, I’m not super happy with because it is now cold and that just doesn’t make sense.  That being said, I am known for last minute decision changes, so come Christmas time, these might not make the cut, but for now it’s all we’ve got!

In other news, y’all have got to check out this sweater I am wearing.  It is literally the softest piece of clothing I own and color is so perfect for Fall.  Also, did I mention it is on SALE (I saved that for last because clearly it is the best part)?!?!

Well y’all, that’s all for now, I’ll try and keep y’all updated on my indecisiveness with our Christmas cards!  Happy five and a half weeks until Christmas!!!


Chelsea – Sweater: Boohoo | Skirt: Target | Shoes: Steve Madden | Lippie: ColourPop
Jared – Top: Southern Tide | Shorts: Ralph Lauren | Shoes: Sperry


Until Next Time,

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