Buffalo Plaid Goes With Christmas Like Marshmallows Go With Cocoa

So fun story, Jared and I went this past Sunday to get a Christmas Tree at our local tree farm.  Well we spent almost two hours walking around trying to find the perfect tree to cut down and take back home but came up empty handed.  Because we are in the South the type of tree that I like doesn’t grow here so all of our options or trees to cut down were kinda ehh.  We’ve cut down trees from this place in the past but something about the trees this year just had me not really feeling it.  So after that long waste of time we hit up a few road side Christmas tree stands again with no luck.  After spending four plus hours looking for a Christmas tree we decided to give up and go to our local Food Lion to get a tree (which i’m not opposed to getting a tree from a grocery store, I just like the experience of cutting down our own tree), when we remembered the place right down the road from our house that we got our tree at last year.  They were pretty much tapped out of trees but we did end up finding the perfect one so I guess the day wasn’t a total bust!

Any who, it wouldn’t be the holiday season without a little bit of chaos now would it.  On the bright side I did get to show off this cute buffalo plaid pullover I snagged during a pre Black Friday sale.  I have been wearing it non stop since I go it because it is literally the coziest!  Now the sad news is that this exact one is sold out, but I was able to link both the same one in other colors, and the guys version in the buffalo plaid (which I low key love to buy guys clothes as cozies anyways so it works out).

Lastly I wanted to share with y’all my boots.  Which are hands down one of my absolute favorite pair of shoes on the planet.  My mom got these for me a couple of years ago for Christmas and it was funny because they were in such high demand at the time she had to order them in August to get them here in time for Christmas.  They are hand made so they do take a while for shipping but they are much easier to get your hands on now.  I truly believe everyone needs a pair of these bad boys, they are perfect for not only the harsh Winter weather, but the rain too.  Mine came in handy in college when I had to walk to class in the rain.  Just a heads up, they come in three different sizes:  8″, 6″ (like mine), and moccasins.  They also come in two different toe colors, brown and blue.

I am hoping to have my last gift guide up soon, I have been working on it on and off for the past two weeks, so fingers crossed it is finished before Christmas.  I keep laughing at myself because I have been working on all of these gift guides and still have managed to only mark one person off my Christmas gift list.  Oh well, y’all know I am all about doing things last minute!

Happy Wednesday babes!

Pullover: Old Navy (similar) | Leggings: Express | Boots: LL Bean | Socks: LL Bean | Beanie: CC

Until Next Time,

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