NYE Dress Roundup

I feel so strange already preparing for NYE when Christmas isn’t even here yet, but I can’t help it, it just needs to be done.  I swear New Years Eve always slips up on me out of nowhere, so here I am trying to figure my shit out before it gets to be too late!  Jared and I are hosting a NYE party at our house this year for the first time and I am already freaking out trying to figure out what to wear (because that is clearly way more of a priority than like food or decorations).  So I hopped online and scoped out all of the cutest holiday dresses I could find and compiled this list along the way full of a few of my absolute favorites.

Just an FYI, Target is usually my go to for last minute outfits so I have a feeling I am going to end up procrastinating and having to grab something from there the day before NYE, but if not I am always obsessed with Show Me Your Mumu & Lulus’s holiday pieces.  I seriously had a hard time narrowing down all of the cute sparkly piece on Show Me Your Mumu for this list (please make sure to bury me in their Topaz dress linked in picture #7, it gives off major Rachel Zoe vibes and she is the LOML so, yeah).  ASOS was also killing it this year on all things sequined and glittery, like SMYM & Lulu’s, a lot of their pieces were high but honestly sometimes it’s truly worth the splurge, especially when it’s the only time of year that it is truly okay to rock major sequins without getting the side eye every five seconds (but lets be honest, we just go ahead and wear sequins whenever the hell we want to anyways).

Like I said before, sorry to jump the gun and bombard y’all with New Years before you’ve even unwrapped your Christmas presents, but I wanted to make sure to give y’all ample amount of time to order one of these cuties before it is too late!  Hope everyone is having an amazing holidays and let me know what y’all thing of the NYE dress options below!


The List

1. Wild Fable Strapless Knit Metallic Dress

2. Warehouse High Neck Bodycon Dress

Untitled-23. Express Multicolor Sequin Jumpsuit

4. Show Me Your Mumu Iggy Dress

5. Lulus Galaxy of the Glam Pink Sparkly Mini Dress

6. Vici Fitzgerald Sequin Wrap Dress

7. Show Me Your Mumu Tropez Maxi

8. Wild Fable Sequin Dress

9. Lulus Go The Distance Blush Pink Sparkly Jumpsuit

10. Warehouse Wrap Dress

11. Leith Long Sleeve Button Front Dress

12. Red Dress Boutique Sassy Navy Blue Sequin Romper



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