NYE Jumpsuit

Every year for NYE I plan to wear the cutest sparkly outfit and be super festive and then last minute change my outfit and wear all black.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love an all black outfit as much as the next person, but I low key wish that I would go with the sparkles because it is the only time of the year I will actually wear them.

Last week I posted a NYE dress guide and while researching for that I found so many cute options at Target.  Their new Wild Fable line has everything from sequined t shirts to glittery two pieces to sparkly jumpsuits.  It was weird because my favorite pieces from this line were the jumpsuits, which are usually a big no for me.  But I figured what the heck, lets try something out of my comfort zone, I am going out on a limb and wearing sparkles for Christ’s sake.  So they seriously had some cute jumpsuit options at Target but to be 100% honest with you the thing that swayed me to choose this particular jumpsuit is that I found it at my local Platos Closet for half the price of what it was in store (I can’t help it, I like to be cheap when I can be so I can splurge on other things).

Now I do want to just put this out there.  I do have another option or two for what to wear for our NYE part, so this may not be my final look (let’s be real, it probably won’t be).


Jumpsuit | Shoes | Crossbody | Lippie


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