What I Got For Christmas

Okay so I did this post last year and was hesitant because I didn’t want to come off as braggy or whatever, but I used to do my monthly favorites post (which I want to get back in the habit of doing in the new year) and I feel like everything on this list would be on my December or January favorites list so why not?

So the way Christmas works for me ever year is we go to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve with my dad, aunt and uncle, and two cousins where we do dinner and presents.  My grandma requires everyone to send her a Christmas list at least two to three weeks out from Christmas and she will hound you every day until you get her that list.  She plays no games and I love her for that.  I have always admired how she does that because it allows her to get you exactly what you want but there is still a surprise element to it because you never know which items she will get you off that list.  Next we head to my dad’s house first thing Christmas morning where he makes up breakfast and we do gifts with him.  I love doing this because although we do Christmas Eve with him there is just so much going on with everyone, I like to enjoy watching him open whatever Jared and I get him (because it is honestly my hardest task all year long is to  find him the perfect gift.  He is one of those people that if he wants something, he gets it himself.  So I like to bask in the joy of finding him a great gift).  After my dad’s house we head to Jared’s parents house.  And if y’all want to see crazy y’all come with us next year.  This type of Christmas is very different for me because I am an only child and I have a really small immediate family so it took me a bit of getting used to.  But once I figured it out I have really learned to enjoy it!  Plus Jared’s mom lives for Christmas, I mean this lady knows what she is doing and does it right.  So like I said Jared’s family is really big, I think there are thirteen of us not including his nephew’s girlfriends that also usually join us for Christmas, so we have a lot going on that day!  Lastly we head to my mom’s house where it’s pretty low key.  We just hang out, drink, and eat our way through the million’s of appetizers my mom’s boyfriend cooks.

There you have it, the craziness that is Christmas for me.  We have been doing it like this for years so it is pretty well planned out but still gets a bit overwhelming from time to time.  It just takes a good bit of recouping.

So I do want to mention that I have yet to receive two of my gifts.  My dad ordered me something and won’t tell me what it is but says it’ll be here some time this week.  And Jared’s dad is building us a dining room table that he hasn’t been able to finish yet but we are so excited for because we designed it and it is going to be totally worth the wait.  I also received a few miscellaneous things like gift cards and stocking fillers as well as a few things I was unable to get pictures or links for.  My mom got me a few things that I wasn’t able to put on the list, one being a table for our foyer and the other is a gift card to get a massage (which I am desperately in need of).  Also, I’ll mention this below but Anna got me something that I may or may not have gotten multiples of so she insisted on taking it back and getting me something else.  She ended up getting me (and herself lol because we always have to match) the coolest tortoise shell water bottle from Starbucks that I am absolutely obsessed with.

I had a great Christmas per usual and am so glad that I always get to spend it with the friends and family that I do.  Make sure to let me know if y’all got any of these things for Christmas too or maybe even some of your favorite things  you did get in the comments below!


what i got for christmas

The List

1. Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines
Y’all I have been wanting this book since the day it was released at Target.  BUT, I never ended up buying it for myself because I have “shopping ADD” and tend to buy other things that are right in front of my face and then when I get around to grabbing for this book I’m too broke at that point to buy it.
FUN FACT: I originally wasn’t going to mention this because a few of the people that gifted this too me might read this (including Anna) but I must have have talked about this book to everyone because I received THREE copies of this book for Christmas and I’m honestly not even mad at it because it’s a good ass book!  So thanks y’all for knowing me so well!!

2. Quay Hardwire Blue Light Glasses
At first I was skeptical about these simply because the seem kind of gimmicky, but after doing quite a bit of research I pretty saw mostly good things so I decided to go for it and add them to my Christmas list.  And I would like to say I am pleasantly surprised.  So I am the social media manager at my job and I swear I do not leave work on the days I do social media without a headache from staring at my phone non stop all day, but since I have gotten these glasses I have not had one single headache on the days that I am on my laptop blogging or phone doing social media stuff for work all day.

3. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2
OMG, I swore I would never own these shoes for two reasons, one I hate Kanye West and I did not in any way want to support him and secondly they are insanely hard to get (I know this because Jared tries to get them every time a new pair launches or relaunches and only has two pairs).  BUT Jared was able to snag these for me when they launched and gave them to me for Christmas and I low key love them but it pains me to admit it.

4. Quay Four Piece Fold-Up Case
This is one of those things that you don’t know how bad you need it until you own it.  I travel a decent bit, mostly to the beach and I always have this need to bring a million sunglasses with me (because I have so many and can never decide which ones I’m going to be in the mood to wear that day).  This case is so cool because it holds 4 pairs of sunglasses and compacts into this small box which saves so much room and keeps all the glasses together which is way better than having a ton of different sunglasses cases all over the place.

5. Codenames
This game was introduced to me by Anna and her boyfriend Thomas when we went to the beach for the Fourth.  It was super complicated to learn especially when we might have had a couple drinks prior to learning, but once we finally got the hang of it I fell in love!  I am a big card/board game player so any time I find a new game to play I am here for it!  Anna got this for me this year for Christmas and I already cracked it open on NYE to make everyone play with me!
PRO TIP:  Be careful when you go to buy this though because there are three different versions of it, the kids version, the regular version, and the adults only version (this is the one I have and it gets pretty dirty, but I love it).

6. Barefoot Campus Outfitter Saturdays Are For The Cocks T-Shirt
I saw the girl that sits in the seats next to ours during football season wearing this shirt and had to have it.  I am all for anything that allows me to rep my Gamecocks, so I knew I need this shirt as soon as I saw it.

7. Cravings: Hungry for More by Chrissy Teagan
I AM HERE FOR EVERYTHING THIS WOMAN TOUCHES.  Seriously I am obsessed with Chrissy Teagan (probably more than I should admit, but whatever, I have no shame).  I got her first cookbook last year for Christmas and absolutely love it, so naturally I put this bad boy on my list this year and have already started scoping out the recipes I want to try.  Just a heads up, there are also quite a few vegan and vegetarian options in this cookbook which aren’t really my personal favorite bit if Chrissy’s making it, I’m trying it!
FEED ME:  I am really looking forward to trying out the Cheesy Spicy Breakfast Hash, the Grilled Pork Bánh Mì Sandwiches, the Cheesy Knife & Fork Meatball Subs, and the Thai Soy-Garlic Fried Ribs.

8. Barefoot Campus Outfitter Forever to Thee Hat
Once again, I love any and all things that I can wear to support my Gamecocks.  I have a bunch of ball caps but this one was a must because it has one of my all time favorite “quotes” on it, if you want to call it that.  “Forever to thee” is the finally line in USC’s Alma Mater and is something both current students and alumni live by.

9. Vans Woodland Camo Old Skool
Weirdly enough I saw Bristol Palin wearing these in an Insta pic (I’m a huge Teen Mom fan, didn’t think I would like her, I do, sue me), and I had to have them.  I think I might have talking about these shoes constantly for months, so when my mom asked me to send her a Christmas list these were the first thing on it.  I’ve only worn them twice because they are just a little hard to match with things but I don’t even care because I am living for them.
FUN FACT: I own probably 5 or 6 pairs of this style of Van’s and two of which I have owned since high school which I find kind of impressive because I am super rough on shoes.

10. Quay Jezabell Sunglasses
And finally, it wouldn’t be Christmas if I didn’t have a pair of sunnies on my list.  If y’all remember back in my Summer Wishlist post, I talked about how bad I was wanting these, then over the Summer while at the beach a friend of mine had a pair and I tried them on and fell even more in love with them because I have a hard time finding rounds that fit my large face, but these were perfect.  I have literally worn these every day since Christmas (that it hasn’t rained).



Until Next Time,

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