Casual Valentine’s Day

Hey Babes!  I’m going to be straight with y’all, I kinda dropped the ball on Valentine’s Day this year which seems kind of odd of me to say being that it is like two plus weeks away still but I honestly didn’t even remember it was coming up soon until like this weekend.  Oops!  It’s funny, you would think being with Jared for 11ish years, I would be all over Valentine’s Day, but it has never really been a big holiday to us.  Now don’t get me wrong, we do celebrate it from time to time, but we never really go all out.  First of all, I don’t really love chocolate (I know, I get all of the looks when I say this out loud, I’m used to it) and although I do love flowers, I’m not a huge fan of roses and that is what predominately clutters the flower sections of all the stores AND Jared hates buying flowers claiming they are a waste of money because I am married to Frugal McDougall (but he still often gets them for me because he knows how much I love them, so I have to give him credit for that even thought he gripes the whole time).  I feel like this all makes me sound like some sort of Valentine’s Grinch but I promise I’m not.  I love love, I just like to keep things more low key.

As for this year, because Valentine’s day falls on a Thursday, I simply didn’t think too much about it because Thursday’s are the one day a week I work later than normal.  So we don’t really have much of an option when it comes to celebrating on the actual day this year.  But, I was thinking about asking Jared if he would want to go to a movie or something maybe the day before or the weekend after (but honestly for no other reason than I love going to the movies, and we never get the chance to go).  So we shall see what happens, I’ll make sure to keep y’all updated!

I will say because we tend to not make Valentine’s Day such a big deal, I do like the idea of a more casual outfit (especially if we end up going to the movies, because there is nothing I want more than to be comfortable if I have to sit still for a couple of hours), so when I saw this cute t-shirt at Old Navy the other day, I knew it would be perfect for the occasion.  Plus I recently bought this cozy sweater from a cute boutique my friend manages and have been dying to wear it/thought they would be perfect together.  I also want to point out that although I tend to wear these booties often because I don’t really care if they get messed up, I don’t really love them with this outfit but when we went to shoot this look I realized I brought the wrong shoes and happened to be wearing these so I just went with the flow.  Oh well!

I would love to know what y’all’s plans are for Valentine’s Day/if y’all even celebrate it, so let me know in the comments below!!

DISCLAIMER: Just in case y’all are wonder, I had to buy myself these flowers and yes I know they are roses but Trader Joes was limited on pink flowers so I just had to say screw it.

Cardigan | T-Shirt | Jeans | Booties



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