Pretty in Pink for Valentine’s Day

Hey Hey, its almost Valentine’s Day!!  I told y’all there were going to be more of these posts.  Can’t help it, I’m kinda sucker for love and as cheesy as it sounds, to me Valentine’s Day represents a day full of nothing but love!

So last week I covered the more casual side of Valentine’s Day attire (which is what I’ll more than likely be wearing), but I figured I’d spice it up a bit with the cutest satin BooHoo wrap dress I found at my local Plato’s Closet.  I saw this dress and knew I had to have it because oddly enough it kinda looks like a robe and robes are comfy so this was my way of being comfy yet dressy!  Seriously this dress is everything, I want to live in this dress but I know that’s frowned upon so… I won’t… I guess.  I will however say my favorite thing about this dress hands down is how giving it is.  I didn’t think the satin material was going to be my favorite but because it is a wrap style dress it is so pretty and hides the tummy that I am not best friends with currently.  I made sure to link both the dress and my shoes below so feel free to snag one or the other because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

Anyways, it’s safe to say this is my last Valentine’s post of the season.  So no more mushiness clogging your inboxes and insta feeds (maybe).  Hope y’all have an AMAZING love filled Valentine’s Day and let me know if you have anything fun planned!!

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Dress | Shoes

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