Spring Wishlist

Geez y’all, wasn’t it just Fall like two weeks ago?!  This list may be a little premature BUT the groundhog didn’t see his shadow, which means Spring should be here soon AND we got to see a little preview of Spring a week or so ago so now I’m just itching for a new Spring wardrobe.  I did clean out my closet the other day to make room for a few new things so I figured I might as well go ahead and get together a list of a few things I have had my eye on recently that are perfect for the upcoming season change.  Mainly I’m just dying to fill my closet with swimwear because I am itching to go to the beach ASAP but I was able to throw a few accessories on their as well because I feel like I need to start accessorizing more this upcoming Spring.  So here’s to that and lets get onto the list!


The List

spring wishlist 2.jpg

1. Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack
I have a couple of the longchamp totes and love them so I figured why not try out a new style?!  They are amazing for traveling too, which I hope we will be doing a good bit of this year (i.e. seen next item down)

2. The Lost Bros Wonderland Postcard Tee
This tee is giving me serious Disney vibes, as in I need to go to Disney RIGHT NOW!  I haven’t been since I was 5 so I’m thinking maybe I can convince Jared we need to go this year.  Especially since we have friends that live right down the road from Disney that we haven’t seen in forever and miss so it’s a double purpose trip!

3. Free People Adella Bralette
Ugh, I’ve been wanting this bralette forever it seems but just never thought it would fit me how I need it to.  But I just recently saw that they started making the newer colors in an XL and I think it is time to finally pick this cutie up!

4. Aerie Lace-Up One Piece Swimsuit
We go to the beach/pool a lot during the Spring and summer a lot so I am always on the hunt for new cute swimmies and I just recently saw this one on a fellow blogger and fell in love so… I think I’m gonna have to have it!

5. Uncommon James Atocha Gold Necklace
Okay, I am not going to lie, there are probably cheaper versions of this necklace out there and I may only want this one because I watched Very Cavallari and fell in love with Kristen Cavallari (which is weird because I am forever #teamLC) but don’t judge me. It’s just too cute and I need a new every day necklace.

6. Lisi Lerch Bobbi Earrings
I swear I’ve had these earring on one of my seasonal wishlists before but I have yet to get them and still have my eye on them so here they are.  Now let’s say a small prayer that I can snag them this season and finally cross them off the list!

7. Endless Summer by Free People Blossom Stretch Cotton Dress
This was a last minute add to this list.  I saw a blogger wearing it in pink on Insta and fell in love but forgot about it until I came across the white version a couple of days later and it was a done deal.  ADD IT TO THE LIST GIRLFRIEND!!!

8. SheIn Seam Top With Palm Print High Waist Bikini
I am on a weird SheIn swimsuit kick right now.  I ordered one from them last year and it was way too big and I couldn’t return it so I kinda swore them off (for bathing suits atleast) but here I am, with a cart full of bathing suits, willing to give them another chance.  This is honestly just one of many that were in my cart so no real rhyme or reason why I chose this one for the list other than I am low key determined to make a SheIn swimmie work for me this year (hopefully more than one because they are all so dang cute)!

9. Vans Slip-Ons
I’m a Vans girl, always have been, so there is literally going to be a new pair of Vans on my list every season.  Just go ahead and get used to it.  But, I do think these white ones will be perfect for Spring.

10. Tory Burch Mcgraw Camera Bag
I am always in the market for a new purse and this one just seems too cute to pass up.  I love the color and crossbones are my go to!

11. Quay Australia One The Prowl Sunnies
I have a sunglasses problem, I got it from my dad and although I know it’s a problem, I don’t plan on shaking it any time soon.  I recently have been digging the chunky look so I have had my eye on these recently.

12. Steve Madden Greece-M White Sandal
I don’t remember if these were on my list last year or not but I do remember having my eye on them and have yet to pick up a pair.  I currently can’t decide if I would rather have them in black or white but as of right now the white seem a little more Springy so I’m going to go with that!


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