Amazon Designer Dupes

I am all for #treatyourself but I think finding a good dupe every now and then is pretty amazing too.  You feel me?

I have never personally had Amazon Prime simply because I know how much trouble it could get me in with Jared but my mom does have it and I have her login info so close enough.  I have recently been on a Amazon black hole, finding so many cute things as well as quite a few things I don’t need (like these cute little rubber animals that go on your iPhone cable to prevent them from bending and breaking… yeah idk, I just had to have them) so of course while in this black hole, I stumbled upon quite a few designer dupes that are perfect for any low budget blogger like myself!

I don’t usually mind splurging for a few staple pieces, but when it comes to keeping up with the big dogs, my bank account is not my biggest fan.  So here’s a list of a few of the designer dupes I stumbled upon recently!

The List


dy ring 2
David Yurman Cable Ring Dupe


gucci belt 2
Gucci Belt Dupe


lv wallet 2
Louis Vuitton Wallet Dupe


ysl sunglasses 2
Saint Laurent Heart Sunglasses Dupe


dy bracelet 2
David Yurman Cable Link Bracelet Dupe


fp dress 2
Free People OTS Embroidered Dress Dupe


lv crossbody 2
Louis Vuitton Crossbody Dupe


cult gaia clutch 2.jpg
Cult Gaia Bamboo Clutch Dupe


chloe bag 2
Chloe Bag Dupe


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