My First Amazon Fashion Experience

I have ordered a million things from Amazon in my time (my mom has Prime so I use her account to get free shipping), but I can honestly say I have never ordered anything along the lines of clothing from Amazon.  To be honestly it scares me.  If it’s not a brand that I already trust, I have a hard time buying things based on fear that it won’t fit how I need it to.  I know I can return it but that is usually such a hassle so I just miss out on something that could have been.

I went out on a whim after one of my favorite bloggers Katy (livingmybeststyle) who is the queen of Amazon finds, bought this dress and it just looked so stinking cute on her.  I will say I sat on it for a few days simply because I was still skeptical and when I finally decided to pull the trigger, the white that I originally wanted was sold out.  I decided to go with the red because it is one of my favorite colors and I honestly don’t have enough red in my closet.  Like I said before, my mom has Prime and I used her account so two day shipping (I was quite mad when it took four days to get here because I wanted to shoot this look that weekend and had to wait until the following weekend to shoot it but whatever).

Okay, initially I was very happy with this dress.  For under $25, I was very impressed with the quality of the fabric and the all over look of the dress.  When I tried it on I wasn’t super happy at first.  It hung a little weird on my hips and was tight across the chest.  I changed my bra to a bralette and already liked the fit of the dress better.  I am still a little iffy about how it hits my hips but if I don’t think about it I’m fine.  I also want to note that the length of this dress is perfect.  That was another thing I was worried about at first because sometimes these types of dresses tend to be super short.  Over all I am super impressed with this dress and it has totally boosted my Amazon fashion confidence.  I currently have three dresses and two bathing suit in my cart so don’t be too surprised if you see a few more of these Amazon reviews coming up soon!


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