Drugstore Beauty Favorites

I realized the other day that I haven’t updated my beauty tab in a while.  Especially with makeup products, so I decided to fill y’all in on a few of my current favorites.  I tend to flip flop my makeup routine a lot and rotate a bunch of different products so I figured it would be smart to split these beauty favorites into to sections, drugstore and high end.  I have been using the E.L.F. BB cream like crazy lately so it was on my mind and made me want to do the drugstore list first!

If y’all know me, I’m cheap.  If I can find something just as good as a high end brand, nine times out of ten I’m gonna go for the cheaper of the two.  My only exception is usually going to be if it’s a holy grail product of mine or maybe a product that is highly raved about and I just have to try it.  I also almost always stick with ABH Brow Wiz when it comes to my brows (I do however love ColourPop’s brow pencil and sometimes go back and fourth between the two).

I also wanted to give y’all a heads up before we get to the products that you wouldn’t be able to do a full face using just these products because I did have to leave a few categories out.  When I was going through my makeup I for some reason couldn’t find a drugstore blush, primer, setting spray, and full coverage foundation.  I guess maybe I am just a snob when it comes to these products.  Actually besides blush, I have a holy grail product for each of the other categories that I usually always stick to so I guess that is why I didn’t have any drugstore versions.  Now I tried to stick solely to items you can get from your local Walgreens, CVS, or even Target, but I did have to cheat a little bit and do some “drugstore” products from Ulta (I call this cheating because you obviously can’t get these items from Walgreens, but I thought it would be okay since most people have an Ulta close by).




e.l.f. BB Cream SPF 20
e.l.f. BB Cream SPF 20
I bought this a year or so ago after watching a favorites video of KathleenLights (LOVE her).  E.L.F. usually has pretty decent products for next to nothing but I’ve always been hesitant of trying their foundations and concealers.  I am however a sucker for the no makeup makeup look and this BB cream is perfect for that.  I’m not going to lie, the color range sucks, but it works for me and covers my redness of my cheeks but still leaves my freckles visible.  Plus it’s only like $6 so you don’t really lose out if you don’t love it.


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer
I have used this concealer for years!  It is the only concealer that I still use regularly after I hopped on that Shape Tape bandwagon and I think it truly holds its own against the all mighty Shape Tape (don’t get me wrong, I use the hell out of my Shape Tape concealer)!  It is very full coverage, I especially love this concealer for spot treating when I have blemishes because it looks a little more natural than the other concealers I’ve used.  Like the other products on this list, there isn’t a wide shade range, but I really think drugstore brands are starting to do something about this!


L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara
I will admit, I don’t use that mascara as often as I do some of my higher end mascaras but I still love it.  It is a really good dupe for Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara (as you can tell by the packaging and wand).  The formula is pretty similar too, it leaves a fullness to your lashes just like BTS and is half the price!


Jordana 12 Hr Eyeliner Pencil
This eyeliner is so great and so cheap!  My best friend passed on this gem to me right before my wedding a couple years ago and I have used it ever since.  I’ve only ever been able to find it at certain Walgreens but it is worth the hunt because it lasts all day which I need because I have a hard time with my eyeliner smudging down my under eyes.


soap & glory
Soap & Glory Archery 2-in-1 Brown Sculpting Crayon
I bought this on a whim once because they were out of my shade of the ABH Brow Wiz I use daily and I needed something quick.  I was originally going to go with the ABH Brow Definer but was kind of scared of the shape of the tip because it wasn’t similar to my the Brow Wiz.  This one has a similar shape to the Brow Definer so I figured it would be a good way to test out if I like the shape or not (spoiler alert: I do!).  Plus it has clear brow gel on the other end which is always a plus for me!


rimmel london
Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder
This is another goodie that I picked up right around the time of my wedding because my best friend (who is my beauty guru) suggested it.  I was looking for something that didn’t have any flashback when taking pictures but kept my under eyes from creasing because I have that problem a lot.  This was the key and now I reach for this powder all the time.


ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter in Wisp
Like I said before, I tried to avoid putting any ColourPop products on this list because I don’t consider it a “drugstore” product.  But I couldn’t pass up talking about this highlighter because it is super affordable ($8) and has the best color pay off.  I was hesitant to like the product at first because you have to use your finger to apply it which I don’t love but will do for this product.


physicians formula
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer
I kid you not, I just bought this because it smelled amazing (like coconut and bananas), BUT it ended up being my favorite drugstore bronzers so… win win.  I will say my only complaint about this bronzer is that when I first got it this was the only shade and it was too light for me during the Summer which is when I wanted to use it because it smells like Summer.  But, the good news is they have come out with a few more shades, I just have yet to pick one up.


colourpop 2
ColourPop Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Bumble
And here we have it, another ColourPop product, I told y’all I couldn’t resist.  They are just so affordable that it’s hard to add them to this list.  I remember the first time I made a ColourPop order they sold nothing but Color Shock eyeshadows, two or three highlighters and blushes, and a ton of lippie stix.  I bought like 10 lippie stix and they are still to this day some of my favorite products.  Now that they have all these new products I am having a hard time keeping up with what’s new and what good.  Anna bought this shade about a year or so ago and I’ve always loved it on her but never really purchased it for myself until the other week when I was in the mood to buy something at Ulta.  The matte formula is amazing and super long wearing, not to mention they have so many colors to choose from.


Morphe 35O Nature Glow Eyeshadow Palette
I will be the first to say I have WAY too many eyeshadow palettes for someone who rarely wears eyeshadow.  I will also be the first to say that I have never regretted buying this one.  It is probably my most reached for palette simply because it has all of the neutrals, which is all I cold ever ask for!


Covergirl Oh Sugar! Vitamin Infused Lip Balm
This is an oldie but a goodie for me.  I bought a few of these forever ago as a dupe for the Fresh Sugar lip tints (which I also love but are kinda up there in price).  These are seriously an almost exact dupe for them which I love because they are perfect for every day wear.  They moisturize your lips while giving a slight tint of color.



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