Home Reno: Upstairs Hallway

Alright yall!  We finally started another room and although it wasn’t initially the next room I had in mind to revamp, I am so glad we did it.  I seriously didn’t realize how bad I need this hallway to be redone.  There wasn’t anything too “wrong” with it to begin with but it was just so incredibly boring.  The color of the walls reminded me of pee (weird, I know) and of course I hate carpet just like anyone else and don’t even get me started on the damn light fixtures.  So the biggest thing is that I usually take a lot of my OOTD’s in this hallway.  I like to keep my mirror leaned up again the linen closet door which is super annoying because every time we take a shower and need new towels or need fresh sheets we have to open that door and move the mirror back and fourth.  So one of the biggest things I’ve been excited about for this revamp is getting a new mirror that fits on the back of the door so it will stay put and to have to be moved every five seconds.

Now another thing we did that was pretty big is put wood flooring upstairs.  I don’t know exactly why we decided to do this upstairs other than the fact that we have dogs and I feel like no matter how often you clean the carpet, it will always smell like dogs.  So we had already finished putting flooring in the FROG and out master bedroom but I really wanted it to run down the hallway too because, well why not?!  But before we could do the flooring I wanted to make sure we painted the walls first because obviously if we messed up or spilled any paint the carpet was coming up anyways so no worries!

Now this room isn’t 100% finished yet but I was just so ready to show y’all the progress we made so I went ahead and decided to finish up this post (don’t judge me too hard, I know this is so faux pas).  We are still deciding on new fixtures for the ceiling lights (I have some in mind but have yet to pull the trigger on those) as well as I haven’t finished filling our frames with pictures.  I swear I never want to be one of those people that has picture frames around their house with the stock family in them but for right now I am still trying to pick out the perfect pictures to fill these frames.  I also keep going back and forth on weather I want to get a runner for the floor.  I think that the hallway is a little more narrow than I would like it to be so a runner might take up too much room, but we will see.. that will be a last minute decision.

Anyways, there y’all have it, my (almost) finished hallway!  Like I said before, I had no idea how bad this room needed a makeover but damn am I happy with how it turned out.  I will try and update this post as soon as I get new light fixtures and fill the picture frames but until then, this is what I’ve got!



Materials Used

Flooring: Shaw Matix Resort Teak Vinyl Plank
Paint: Passive by Sherwin Williams
Mirror: Glacier Bay 18″ x 68″ Beveled Edge Mirror
Picture Frames: Ribba 16×20 Black Frame (IKEA)


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