Easy DIY Halloween Costumes

Okay so, Halloween is 100% my favorite holiday of all time.  Most people love Christmas or their Birthday or whatever but there is just something about Halloween that gives me all the feels.  Maybe I was a witch in a past life or something (doubt it, but that would’ve been pretty cool).  Anyways, I think I love Halloween so much because I get to dress up and boy do I love a good theme.  And Lord help me I am a sucker for a good DIY costume!!  Now I’m not knocking the people that buy store bought costumes, because there is nothing wrong with that, but I am all for the DIY costume.  There is just something so fun about piecing together your own costume with your every day clothes and accessories!

But with all of that being said, I pretty much always hype myself up for Halloween and then drop the ball when it comes to deciding what I want to be.  I blame Pinterest for this because I find like 9000 cute costume ideas and can’t make up my mind one which one is the perfect one for me.  I’m sure I’m not the only one that does this so I came up a list of four easy costumes for different scenarios!  I’m not kidding when I say these should take little to no effort, so if you have a last minute Halloween party coming up or need to put something together to hand out candy this post is for you!

** I tried to find the majority of these things on Amazon just in case you have a Halloween party coming up soon and need to Prime it.


What to Wear:

With Your Significant Other

Okay so I got a little creative with this one.  Last year at our Halloween Party Jared and I were Jack and Jill AFTER the hill.  This was so much fun because we pretty much got to wear our regular clothes (ignore the slippers, this was later in the night and my feet hurt) and throw on some fake blood.  I even convinced Jared to wear a little makeup so I could give him a black eye.  Pro Tip: I really didn’t want to rough up my clothes since I wear these IRL but jared had some old jeans that he let me rip up so it looked a little more like he just fell down a hill!

Here’s What You Need
Jack: Plaid Shirt | Ripped Jeans
Jill: Striped Tee | Denim Overall Dress | Knee Socks
Both: Fake Blood | Bandages | Black Eyeshadow | Bucket


With Your Bestie

Okay so this might have been one of my favorite costumes last year (I say costumes because I legit was like 5 different things last year).  I don’t know if y’all remember but I was actually Rachel two years ago and happened to have the costume still so I decided to beef it up a little and add a friend because who’s Rachel without her Monica.  Pro Tip: I hand painted my Central Perk logo on my apron but if you could always heat press one on if you have the means to!

Here’s What You Need
Rachel: Chambray Tank | Black Skirt | Mules | Apron | Coffee Mug
Monica: Cropped Sweater | Mom Jeans | Gloves | Broom


To Work

Y’all I was dying over this costume.  I had it planned for months after I found a random employee name tag in my local Target parking lot.  So this costume in my opinion is only funny if you wear it to work (unless you work at Target) because if you wear it anywhere else, everyone is just going to think you work at Target.  When I showed up to work in this outfit everyone loved it so I figured it was a good one!  Pro Tip: If you can’t acquire a Target name tag like I did you can always print out a picture of one and tape it on!

Here’s What You Need
Red Shirt | Khakis | Sneakers


To Give out Candy

So like I said, I wore the Target costume (see above) to work, so when I got off work and headed home to give out candy I thought people might think I work at Target versus that being my costume so I came up with this giraffe costume very last minute.  It was super easy and I love giraffes so it was a win win, plus I got a ton of compliments on it so thats always fun!  Pro Tip:  I ended up pinteresting a tutorial for my hair and had a hard time finding something so I created this look by wrapping a ton (seriously so many) hair ties around my space buns until they stood up straight like this, so the only tip I have for you is to just go for it!

Here’s What You Need
Sweater | Jeans | Mules | Brown Face Paint (or Brown Eyeliner) | Hair Ties


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