Fall Wedding Guest

I seriously have the worst luck when it comes to dress shopping for weddings.  I feel like regardless of the time time of day, I never know how dressy or casual to be.  But my rule of thumb is that I would always rather be overdressed than underdressed (hence the name, Overdressed and Underrated).  To me, Fall weddings are the trickiest to dress for because in South Carolina, it doesn’t start getting cold until November, but we do get random cold fronts from time to time.  So planning the perfect outfit too far in advance is pretty much pointless.  That’s when Amazon Prime comes to the rescue (per usual).

Jared and I went to his cousin’s wedding a few weekends ago and I decided to wait until the last minute (of course) to find a dress.  So as I was scavenging Amazon to find the perfect dress I decided I was probably better off looking for a midi dress because I’m pretty sure my legs haven’t seen the sun in a hot minute.  When I stumbled upon this dress I was a little skeptical at first because well lets be honest, you never get exactly what’s in the picture when you order clothes from Amazon.  So in the picture, this dressed looked like it was supposed to be a maxi dress which always worries me.  I am 5’7″ and I swear every maxi dress is just wayyy too short on me.  But anyways, Like always I read the reviews and it seemed to be more of a midi dress, which was exactly what I was looking for.  I took the risk and as soon as I got this dress in I was so freaking excited.  It literally fit perfect and was really well made for an Amazon find.  I seriously could not recommend this dress more if you are in need of the perfect Fall “dressy” event!

** The dress and shoes are linked below, I am wearing an XL for reference.

Dress | Shoes


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