The Cutest Leopard Amazon Sweater

This is literally my third leopard print sweater I’ve ordered from Amazon in the past two weeks… And I’m not even the tiniest bit sorry about it!  I am so glad leopard is so trendy right now because I low key missed it.  It’s so funny because I used to love leopard/cheetah print stuff and there was this one sweater I loved and couldn’t get rid of when the trend died so I gave it to my mom and now I kinda want it back but she wears it all the time so whatever…

Okay sorry, back to this sweater.  I am so in love!  I will say I kind of wish it was a little more oversized (I’m wearing an XL) because that is what I look for when I’m sweater shopping, but I just ended up tucking this cutie in to my jeans and calling it a day!  Also did I mention I ordered it on Amazon Prime with two day shipping, so if you hurry up and order you can get it just in time to wear for Thanksgiving (which I think it would be perfect for).

Sweater | Jeans | Hat

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