Oversized Tee + New Changes

Well hey y’all!!  I feel like it’s been a while (because honestly, it has been).  I really was in a slump during the holidays and I really don’t know what caused that but it was weird.  Like other than my Christmas tree I didn’t even put up any of my holiday decorations until like the week before Christmas and I ended up getting most of my Christmas shopping done two days before Christmas (scary right?!).  But anyways, I think I am finally out of this slump thanks to a new life shake up.

So normally I think I would make y’all wait until the end of this post to reveal my new life changes, but I’m super excited so here we go!  Okay first off, here’s a little bit of a back story.  I have worked at the same job for the past 12ish years doing both social media and buying.  It was actually my very first job and I did leave for about a year to work at an IT company, but I ended up coming back after I left there and have pretty much worked at this job since.  But in the true New Year, New Me fashion, I decided to accept a new job as in Social Media and Marketing for  The Velvet Edge Salon.  I have been getting my hair done here for years and absolutely love it there.  So when I was presented with this opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass it up! It is an absolute dream job and I am so ready to show off these talented ladies and this gorgeous salon!!

Okay, on to the clothes!  I have had my eye on this shirt for a while now, I think I might have had it on my Fall Wish list last year and I finally pulled the trigger and bought it a couple days ago.  I am a sucker for a cute band tee, and its oversized so that’s a plus!  Now y’all know I am always skeptical about ordering clothes online and thankfully I knew that this one was going to fit but I was a little worried about how distressed it is.  I mean there are holes everyyyyywhere.  But I still went for it and am so glad I did.  Other than my dog getting is nail caught it one of the holes, they didn’t really bother me like I thought they would.  I did however decide that I can’t wear this shirt with super distressed jeans because according to Jared, “it looks like I got dragged behind a car for a couple miles”…  So annoying but he’s kinda right.  So if you are looking to revamp your tee collection, I highly suggest starting with this cutie (links below).

T-Shirt | Jeans | Beanie | Shoes

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