Home Reno: Laundry Room

Okay so if any of you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen my most recent home renovation was my upstairs guest bathroom.  I am pretty much finished with that room but not quite and I normally refuse to start on a new room before I finish my current “project” but I had to make an exception for my laundry room.  This was seriously the most spur of the moment room make over I’ve ever done.  It all started because I had Jared build me the one shelf that goes directly over the top of our washer and dryer.  I wanted this mainly because we always need more storage and our laundry room often becomes a catch all for things we have no permeant home for.  So we ran to Lowes late one afternoon, bought a 2×10, cut/sanded/stained it and voila, an instant desire to redo the whole laundry room happened.  Although we did very minimal to this room, I am so dang obsessed with how everything turned out.  I mean seriously, it is crazy what a little paint and organization can do to a room!

So the inspo for this room came part from my desire to have pink room in my house and part from my mindless scrolling on Pinterest.  Because this room was so spur of the moment, I really didn’t have a lot of time to mull over what I wanted to do in here.  My only real direction was that I knew I wanted it to be a little funky since this is such a small room that not a ton of people will see.  I initially thought I was maybe going to do a cool peel and stick wall paper in here like maybe a palm leaf pattern or something along the lines of that but when I was searching for a cute wallpaper on Target’s website, I came across a Dalmatian printed wallpaper that I fell in love with.  Sadly it was sold out so I just moved on to another idea.  My next idea was to buy a stencil on etsy and stencil a cute pattern on the walls but I was having hard time picking one because my mind kept going back to the Dalmatian print.  That’s when I came up with the idea to hand paint the Dalmatian print on the wall behind my washer and dryer (because I love getting myself into a tedious diy that is going to kill my back) and paint the other three walls a pale pink.

As excited as I was to do all of this I ended up shelfing the idea for about a week until Anna came over to the house one day last week and we were sitting on my couch beyond bored trying to figure out what to do when out of nowhere I threw out the idea to start painting the spots on my wall.  And because we have been DIYing the crap out of this quarantine, we decided to go for it and I just want to give Anna a huge shout out because with out her I would have probably gone mad during this process.

It took me a total of two days to finish the Dalmatian spotted accent wall and let me tell you, as excruciating as it was, I literally could not be any more obsessed.  After I finished that wall, Jared came in and painted the other three walls pink and built me a 2×12 wood shelf that matched the one over my washer and dryer to replace the metal one that was previously on the wall on the left.  Lastly was the decor (which I had to keep telling myself not to over do it with because this is a laundry room and I was trying to keep a low budget).  I knew that storage and organization was going to be my two biggest priorities when it came to buying decorations for this room so when I found these cute wire baskets at Ross I got super excited because seriously, how perfect are they?!

I know that I’ve said it a million times already but I am beyond obsessed with how this room turned out, it makes me actually want to do a little laundry from time to time just so I can admire how it pretty it is.  So that is pretty much it.  I made sure to link all of the things I used to make this room happen below.  And don’t worry, I plan on posting the upstairs guest bathroom reno as soon as I can force myself to put the finishing touches on that!



What I Used:

Paint: Tulip Pink (by Sherwin Williams)
Black Wire Baskets (Similar)
Seagrass Baskets (Similar)
Fold & Repeat Sign
Glass Container
Faux Plant


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