SheIn Swim Suit Haul – Part 1

Okay so I’m not even going to lie, SheIn got me good during quarantine.  I swear I was on their website like every day adding things to my cart and browsing their new arrivals.  I alway have such a hard time finding affordable swim suits that fit my chest properly (Target’s “DD” sized swim suits barely even cover half my boob so that’s always fun) so when I found out that SheIn had a plus size swim suit section, I immediately started keeping an eye on their site regularly.  For the past three or four years, I have ordered at least 75% of my new bathing suits for the Summer from SheIn (I also usually buy a few from American Eagle and Old Navy, as well as Amazon) and have had pretty good luck finding ones I really love.

I ended up doing a pretty big SheIn order about a month ago and the majority of it ended up being swim suits (I think I ordered like five or six… oops), so I figured I would share a few of those on here with yall.  For the most part they all ended up being perfect.  I wasn’t as obsessed with the fit of one of the bottoms, but I ended up just pairing the top with another bathing suit I had so that ended up working out okay and then I think there was another one that was kind of see through when it got wet but I am just going to wear it when I plan to lay out only so again, it’s all good.  I am however a little bummed because I was trying to hold off on doing this post because I ended up doing another SheIn order that had quite a few more swimmies in it about two weeks ago but it has yet to arrive (they say they are experiencing delays in shipping because of the Corona virus but my first order got here pretty fast and was smack dab in the middle of the pandemic so well see…).  So maybe I can do a second one of these posts when that package arrives.

As far as sizing goes, I usually tend to stick to the plus size section for bathing suits when I am buying from SheIn.  I am a 36/38 DD so I need as much extra coverage on my bathing suit tops as I can get.  I usually stick to a 1x or 2x depending on how skimpy the bathing suit looks on the site.  I also try to only purchase suits that have pictures in the reviews so I can see how they fit on other body types, but sometimes I have to just wing it if it is new to the site and has no reviews.  Sadly SheIn doesn’t allow returns on their swimwear so I usually will end up taking the ones that don’t fit to sell at Plato’s Closet (my local store will accept swimwear if the tags and liner are still attached, but this might not be the case for all locations) and although I am not getting back anywhere near what I had paid for them, something is better than nothing and the swimsuits are already so cheap any ways that it just is what it is.

I know for a lot of people ordering from sites like SheIn and CupShe is a little stressful when you have never ordered from them before.  So if you have any questions about how to order or what sizes you might need, drop them in the comments below and I will do my best to help you since I’ve all but sold my soul to SheIn.

PS, I am only linking the SheIn bathing suits I am wearing in these photos, if you would like the links for any of the other pieces/accessories I am wearing, check out my page (overdressedandunderrated).

Plus Ruffle Drawstring Bikini
(Only wearing the top in this photo)


White Ribbed High Waisted Bikini | Plus


Leopard High Waisted Bikini | Plus


Plus Contrast Binding High Waist Bikini


Tie Dye Cut-Out High Waisted Bikini | Plus


Plus Colorblock One Piece Swimsuit



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